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May 17, 2009 02:19 PM

Help!! What is this???

We (I) planted several diff. seeds and they all did well in those seed starters. My problem is I didn't keep track well. I planted cuks and moon flowers and morning glorys. Can someone tell from this pic what this one might be???

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  1. Looks like a morning glory or moonflower to me. Cukes -- or the ones we grow -- start out with two oval-ish leaves, and the third leaf comes out like a raggedy triangle.

    1. All things shall be revealed! What's the hurry? Kidding aside, with a few more leaves you will be able to better tell.

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        I agree with harrie, definitely NOT cukes.

      2. Moonflower - I've grown them from seeds many times.

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          Ok, so if Moonflowers - maybe just move this pot close to something it could climb??? I can't wait for these - hear it's a great smelling flower and opens only at night!

          Thanks All!!!

          1. re: lexpatti

            Yes - put a trellis in the pot or help it find a place to climb. Intense smell indeed - intoxicating but they love warm nights! Ooh la la! That's the gist of it!
            And hope your cukes get climbing, too, to keep things on topic!