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May 17, 2009 02:03 PM

Dinner/Breakfast near King's Island/I-71N

Husband and I are traveling to King's Island from western NC next weekend. We will be in the area for dinner on Thursday (coming in on I-71 N) and are staying near the park to get an early start on Friday morning. Wondering if there are any good places for a casual dinner on Thursday night and a good breakfast on Friday. Also, if there is anything decent inside the park itself for lunch. Thanks!

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  1. If you are staying right in King's Island, no, not much Chowhound dining there. The Fields/Ertel/Montgomery exit off I-71 has lots of chain type places ranging from Steak & Shake to Mimi's Cafe. There is also a Whole Foods there, if you want healthy snacks for the park. Post exactly where you will be staying and I will try to help.

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    1. re: Diane in Bexley

      Montogmery Inn Ribs and La Rosa's Pizza, two "local" favorites, are the go to places in the park.
      Lebanon is a short distance to the North, and they have The Breakfast Club. Home baked breads. Good sandwiches, too.

      Breakfast Club Cafe
      102 N Broadway St, Lebanon, OH 45036

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        I second the Breakfast Club suggestion. It will be a 15 min. drive each way and it has better service and better food than most of the chains around King's Island.

        *All* of the food concessions in the park are hideously (I mean by 50% over street prices) overpriced. Usually we go for something that is cheap anyway there like a coney at Skyline. Any real food of substance will be $$$$. What you really want to do is to plan your day so that you don't eat a major meal in the park.

        1. re: donw9876

          This is indeed true about the park. But I try not to pass up those blueberry soft serve cones.

      2. re: Diane in Bexley

        That same exit (Fields-Ertal/Montgomery off I-71) has Grand Oriental, which has good dim sum on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 2 or so, if you're up for a bit more adventurous brunch!