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Irish Sausage source in PHX.

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Anyone know of a store where you can buy Irish Sausage in Phoenix area, the kind you'd get in an Irish breakfast? Many thanks.

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  1. I've bought bangers from Whole Foods in Scottsdale, though I put them in the freezer, so haven't tried them yet. Not pre-packaged, $6.50/lb at the meat counter.

    1. Have you checked with Schriener's (sp) on 7th? They have more great sausage than anyplace I have seen.

      1. well, i know the meat store does irish bacon. its kinda close to what you are looking for ;)

        1. It may not change any replies so far, but what I'm really looking for is the Black Pudding (blood sausage).

          1. The Irish Gift Shop at Priest and Univ in Tempe used to sell Irish Sausages(frozen). Havne't been in there in a couple years so don't know if they still do but probably worth a call to see. If they don't have them anymore they can probably tell you where they're available.


            1. There's a tiny British food shop in Scottsdale on Thomas & Hayden (next to Totties)... he stocks mostly dry goods but has a freezer with Irish bacon, sausages, etc. Not sure if they have the blood kind. http://www.britishgourmet.com/

              Keep in mind that for years there were restrictions on importing pork products from overseas (my Brit dad always smuggled bacon and kippers when coming back from Europe - stinky luggage!). I'm not sure of current laws, but a lot of the Irish/Brit varitieties sold at speciality shops in the US are made domestically. Purists will say Euro pork has a different flavor due to US producers breeding for lean, but maybe that's changing with speciality ranchers regionally. Let us know what you find!

              1. I know this is an old post but hopefully it will still help.There is a sausage shop on 7th street north of Osbourn that has fresh homemade sausages from all over the world. It is called Schreiners. They carry the blood sausage you are looking for. Also they have the Bangers that are common in Irish breakfast. I hope this helps.