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May 17, 2009 01:16 PM

Just Had Joey Garlics and...

The burger itself is really really good. Its a fresh patty not like a ruby tuesdays or red robin. The fries were pretty good as well. However, the service was awful. The wait was 45 mins which i expected but i really wanted to try it so i waited. Then our server took about 20 mins to take our order for food and drinks. It was busy but their seemed to be a lot of workers there so idk what was going on. Also, i ordered my burger with fried onions mustard and mayo i only received the fried onions. Furthermore, the server brought me a root beer when i asked for a diet coke. I only left a 1 dollar tip because she was so bad. The burger was really good and they cooked it medium with the pink in the center how i like it. I also just wanted to try a slice of pizza to see how it tasted but if you go after 4pm they do not have slices idk why... Overall, the burger was really really good right up there with wood n tap. But i would still say wood and tap has a better atmosphere, service, and selection of fries because they have sweet pot. fries.

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    1. Hello!
      I got myself to Joey Garlic's in Newington finally and was hoping my SO would try their 'houndish burger but alas, she was turned off by the 1/2 lb size (now she may never try it). We were not disappointed with our meals. It was a Friday for lunch and we had actually tried to go there for dinner the previous night but it was so slamming that we ended up going to Olympia Diner (which we love anyway---best corned beef hash I've had!).

      Ok, so I wish this post would be long and detailed but in reality we only ate 3 things. You MUST try the Crispy Fried Rib appetizer. I think we got 7 fairly large ribs and they were blackened but not like traditional cajun dust burnt on them. I think they were dipped or cooked in hoisen sauce and then fried. Anyway, they were off the hook awesome and I rarely am moved to want to gnaw on bones in public but I'm practically drooling typing this.
      My SO felt like trying the meatball grinder. I thought that was odd because though I love meatball grinders I generally will only eat them at home because most meatballs at restaurants seem like feetballs if you ask me. Bready, gristly and generally nasty. She declared this sammich to be VERY good. Not as good as her meatballs (that's what she said!) but very good.
      I had the Italian pulled pork grinder. It was MASSIVE and delicious. I would say that neither of these sammiches could be eaten in a hand held fashion as they were too big, unruly and overflowing. We ate them kind of open faced so basically I was forking hunks of BBQ pork out of mine and eating it. Anyway, everything looked great that was walked by our table, from the pizza to the salads. I've heard the eggplant fries rock so I'll have to try them next time.

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        Got to Joey's in Newington (150 Kitts Lane) for lunch today. Only 10-12 parties all the time I was there and the service was just fine. Huge burgers; asked for mine to just show a little pink and that's what I got, with sauteed onions and horseradish mayo. So juicy they give you extra napkins! Loved the fries--stayed crispy and well-flavored (I don't use ketchup). Mayo came on the side; enough left to spread on the fresh tomato slices that I didn't put on the burger. Thoroughly enjoyed my meal and will definitely get back.