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May 17, 2009 01:12 PM

Harvey's free hamburger day

Sunday the 24th of May 2009 10:30 - 15:00

all across Canada

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  1. I know it's probably not board cool to admit a chain burger can hit the spot, but most of the time Harvey's does. Hot off the grill, fresh toppings, tastes good.
    I know it's a pre-made processed burger that in looks reminds those of old enough to rember a "steakette". But I love em too bigfellow. A freshly cooked burger and fresh fries at Harvey's hit the spot every time.
    Warning. This thread will be moved to fast food, I think, unless there's a Montreal angle. I'll try to help. If you hit the Beaubien street Home Depot in Montreal before noon you'll get fresh, after noon you'll get the stuff that's stacked and waiting. The same in most Montreal locations at lunch, I think.

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    1. re: everyonelovessushi

      nothing is free there is always a hitch, i tried to go to free frites alors day this year and left when i saw the length of the line, samething for free coneday at ben and jarrys in past hence i would rather pay! there is also free ice coffee may 21 9-5 at tim hortons for those who love those freebies

      1. re: everyonelovessushi

        Harvey's is the best fast food burger by a country mile. A breakfast worth getting outta bed early for.

        1. re: everyonelovessushi

          You can buy gardening supplies at the same time!

          Discussing neighbourhood (Villeray- Petite-Patrie) foods on a nonfood board, we were discussing the Vietnamese place at the corner of St-Hubert and Faillon that was a former Harvey's, and one poster missed the Harvey's (indeed it is much better than other chain fastfood burgers). Thanks - I'll mention the Home Depot one which isn't far.

        2. Me too - closet Harvey's Hamburger Hoover: pile on the hot peppers baby! Tho' fries used to be way better....

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          1. re: chilipepper

            I'm guessing fries everywhere have suffered a taste hit where trans-fats have been eliminated. Let's hope fry evolution will solve the problem.

            1. re: everyonelovessushi

              Harvey's fries went downhill long before transfats were a concern: they went from great to awful overnight with the switch from fresh-cut to frozen. That was around 20 years ago, IIRC.

              1. re: Mr F

                Then they got even worse, when they switched to frozen fries with some sort of crispy flavour coating on them. I'm not sure they still use them, but they were pretty awful - and fries have to be really disgusting for me to not eat them! (the burgers are another story - they have this awful, greasy mouthfeel and taste that no amount of hot peppers can mask...)

          2. thanks for the heads-up, I'm also a big fan. I'll take my chances @ decarie/pare @ 1030 am.

            1. I love myself a Harvey's Hamburger! I have a friend who now lives in NY that does not consider her stay her complete unless she has one. Yum!

              1. I am interested to hear there might be some variation in quality of burgers at the various Montreal Harvey's sites. I was really looking forward to trying one of their burgers, so we went to the Peel location before some Bell Center event. I loved the selection of toppings, and the fact that they cook it when you order it. I really enjoy spicy banana peppers on my burger, so I was thrilled when I saw them as an option. I got all my usual favorite toppings, and took a big bite. I was very disappointed. The meat had an odd flavour and texture that kind of turned me off the burger. Hubbie also felt there was something not quite right about the burger, and although we finished them ( we were both really hungry) we have never felt like going back.

                Any comments on variability between sites?

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                1. re: moh

                  You've hit the nail on the head, moh. No matter the location, those patties are horrible processed meat loaded with fillers like gluten, whey and soy. While I understand the appeal of char-broiling and picking your toppings, at the end of the day it's the quality of the meat that counts most and Harvey's just doesn't deliver. As far as chain burgers go, A&W, Wendy's and Burger King are much better.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    BURGER THING??!! Fake 'char-broil' on a microwaved patty?

                    SnackHappy, I am shocked at you, shocked!

                    1. re: C70

                      I'll take flame-broiled and micro-waved 100% ground beef over char-broiled veggiecurious sawdust patties any day. Of course YMMV.

                    2. re: SnackHappy

                      I agree. A&W is the best and a close second is Burger King.

                      1. re: hungryann

                        Wendy's is the only other one that should even be mentioned in the same breath, imo. Haven't been to any of the others in at least 7 years. It's almost 12 since I've been to McDick's, other than the odd breakfast when I had to get a really early start on roads trips (but their breakfasts are decent).

                        SnackHappy's right about the high veggie content in their burgers, (20% I've been told by someone who worked there), but I see them as healthier for it. And they still taste more like beef to me -go figure.

                        Moh, you probably got one that was slightly undercooked. That happened to me once & I felt a bit oogie (not in Mtl, though). Chalk it up to a nooby working the grill. Or maybe it was the last of a batch that had freezer burn or something. But in any case I wouldn't write the whole location off, at least I didn't and it never happened again.

                        I'll be at Peel by noon at the latest. Last year I didn't go til 2 -big mistake.

                        1. re: Shattered

                          Shattered, the burger I had seemed to be very well-done. I did not detect any rareness. I am certainly willing to chalk it up to a bad batch. But it is also possible this is just a difference in preferences. My preferred fast food source of hamburgers is A&W, particularly the outlet out in Dollard des Ormeaux, they always seem to produce a fresh tasty burger. The A&W by Mont Royal and Parc is less consistent.

                          1. re: moh

                            To be honest you couldn't pay me to eat a free Harvey's hamburger. They are always rubbery and gross. Blech.

                            1. re: mainsqueeze

                              I think they have gone downhill, the toppings make you think it is a healthier option and perhaps it is part nostalgia. I remember going to A&W when they had carhops and it was a treat to eat in the car with the tray hanging from your window--how weird that sounds now, having fun eating your supper in the car! Anyways I think a good lamb (not pork) souvlaki is tastier than a harvey burger anyday.

                                  1. re: hungryann

                                    I get my junk food cravings late at night so just go to arahova opposite bagel place on st. viateur--around $5.50 for grilled lamb souvlaki and i go easy on the sauce. Some of my friends went off beef with various health scares but they will accept lamb which is better source of iron than poultry. So it is a treat but not at big cost!