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May 17, 2009 01:06 PM

Great Food - Flying Falafel & Po-Boy's: Middle East/Cajun food at 20th and Guadalupe

I've visited Flying Falafel and Po-Boy's twice and on both occasions I have found the food and service to be absolutely superlative. If you enjoy Middle-Eastern fare, please try the spicy chicken shwarma with hummus on the side. They had a "special of the day" yesterday that was some kind of Middle-Eastern stew served over rice. It was just delicious - all the veggies were fresh and plentiful, the chicken pieces were flavorful as was the cumin/corriander(?) spiced gravy - this is real home cooking and I urge all chowhounds to get out and try this relatively new addition to the UT dining scene
Both times I've been in this,order-at-the-counter - 6 table place, I've been the only customer, so I'm a little concerned they are not getting the business they deserve.

I have not tried the Po-Boy's or the cajun food yet, but I will certainly be back soon to try them.

Prices are very reasonable: $5.99 for the shwarma plate. The atmosphere is very clean and pleasant, but this is by no means a fancy restaurant - the focus is on the food which has consistently been fresh, hot, prepared to order and just delicious.


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  1. this place is on my short list of roast beef po-boy options in town.

    i also had the chicken shwarma there a while back. it was pretty good, but i'm not a good judge of that kind of food.

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      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        nice to see a real restaurant on the drag for once, beside a few institutions like madam mams or dirty martins. too bad i dont roll around that area anymore! ill have to stop by when im around though, gotta support your peeps! which reminds me, i need to hit up fricanos in that area too and try out more of their stuff.

        ps, scrumptious, i stopped by candys taco cart today. that lady is crazy! her tortillas were excellent and i would have wolfed my breakfast tacos down if they werent so tasty.

        1. re: glorpisgod

          well, ate there yesterday. i had the beef schwarma sandwich with wheat flatbread and a side of tabouleh. it was definitely pretty good, i had no qualms with it. my friend had a catfish po boy and said it was alright. personally ive had enough of bad po boys in this town so i will stick to the schwarma since theres no way brown people can mess up mediterranean, right? it was a bit expensive, but hey, comes with the real estate. but overall i was impressed with the place.