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May 17, 2009 12:44 PM

ISO Woodland Hills Happy Hours

As my wallet lightens in this charming ecomnomy, I am discovering for the first time the beauty of happy hours. My favorite, mostly for the great value, is Black Angus, which puts its entire app list, as well as all of their wines by the glass, beer, and well martinis and margaritas at 1/2 off between 4 and 7. Does anyone know of anything else like this in the W Valley? As you can tell I am not necessarily looking for dining to be fine, just cheap. Thanks!

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  1. Go to Monty's at the corner of Topanga and Ventura. The food is free and abundant. We last had sliced steak, fried stuffed mushrooms, fried zucchini, fried shrimp, meatballs and one other thing I forget. The shrimp are brought out last, at about 6:45. You'd be amazed how far a single beer will go.

    1. King's Fish House, at the Commons in Calabasas, has a nice happy hour -- particularly nice on a pleasant evening, sitting in the outside part of the bar area.

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        Wow, both great answers, two places I go and I had no idea! Thanks.

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          I like to meet Ms. Dr. Oz at King's after work on a Friday afternoon, grab an outside table in the bar area (it's catch-as-catch-can -- no reservations needed), order a couple of martinis and a dozen oysters, and a few of the happy-hour bar menu items, e.g., fish tacos or fried calamari. MMMMmmmmm. Plus they always play good music in the bar there.

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            Two votes for Kings, which I love, but I am not sure there happy hour is a great deal?