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May 17, 2009 12:35 PM

cava & sauvignon blanc that have been in my fridge, on their sides, unopened for 2 years

Finally cleaned out my fridge today, and found a bottle of cava and a bottle of sauvignon blanc, that have been stored on their side for the last 2 years. Are they likely to be ok? Or do they become corked or otherwise degraded in a regular fridge over time?

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  1. Is there still any reason as to why you would want to keep them un-opened at this point?

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    1. re: RCC

      No- I''d like to open them and use them up, if it's likely there's nothing wrong with them.

      1. re: phoenikia

        There's only 1 way to find out.

        They've been laying in your fridge, until you finally decided to clean your fridge after 2 years. What have you got to lose by opening them now and then pouring them down the drain if they turned bad ?

    2. They should be in no worse condition than if you kept them in a wine cellar. Might as well open them and see.

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        1. re: monkuboy

          Other than the damage that constant vibration from the compressor can cause,,,

          However, it seems like a bit of an obvious answer; if you want to "open them and use them up" then just open them! If it has degraded then throw away, if not then you have 2 bottles of wine to drink.

          1. re: Steve_K

            Along similar lines, I'd say have a good new bottle of white chilled. If you open the sauvignon blanc and it's a no go, then go directly to the back-up bottle. Don't ruin a nice dinner with experimentation.

        2. As others have said, the 2 years in the fridge is unlikely to have hurt them much. Of course, you didn't say where they were before they made it to the fridge. But the best advice has already been given, pull the cork and find out.

          There are two bad things that can happen in a fridge - vibration has a bad reputation, although I'm a bit skeptical. The second is low humidity. This will dry out the cork, which can cause it to shrink and let air in. Air is bad for wine, the oxygen will ruin it. Having the bottle on its side helps prevent the cork drying out though, since the wine is liquid and is in contact with the cork. That's why people tell you to store bottles on their side.

          On the other hand, the low temperature in the fridge will help preserve the wine the same as it does any food item. Lower temperature slows down the effect of oxygen and any other chemical reaction.

          1. Thanks for all your comments...will open them and test them out. I didn't buy the cava- I think someone brought it to a party and stuck it in the fridge- and I have no idea where it was stored before it found its way into my house!