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May 17, 2009 10:57 AM

The Pie Shack - Beach

Hey, just drove past this. It's in the old tea shop location, near the Beach Tile Shop - south side of Queen East, just east of Glen Manor.

Anyone tried it or know anything about it?

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  1. No idea, but I'm going to check it out today and report back.

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    1. re: futronic

      Ok, so it's not open yet. I popped around this afternoon and spoke with the owner/partner, Tim. Seems like a nice guy. He won't be doing the baking, another woman will be (didn't meet her), but the story is that they will have a staple four sweet pies - apple, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and a crumble of sorts. In addition, they will have a rotating seasonal pie. Since there's nothing really in season right now, it will be lemon-meringue.

      That's on the sweet pie side. They will also have savory pies like quiche and other things. These will be individually portioned.

      All these items will be available for eat-in or takeaway - sweet pies can be purchased whole or by the slice. There will also be coffee, tea, etc. available.

      Oh, and for those wondering about the pie crusts, they'll be mostly butter based with a bit of shortening. I was told "heavy on the butter."

      They're supposed to open on Thursday, so I'll report back after I get a slice.

      Please, please, please be good. This neighbourhood is generally devoid of good food. Heck, Nevada even reopened. What the heck were people thinking, and why do people even go there? Ok, I'm cutting that off because I want this to be about good pies.

      1. re: futronic

        I am with you on that one. I hope their savory pies include a decent tourtiere

        1. re: futronic

          Mm I hope they have a steak and mushroom. Im excited! Do report back on their offerings!

          1. re: hungryabbey

            Assuming I can get there at a decent time after work (i.e. before they close and assuming they are finished construction and are actually open), I'll be there on Thursday (I live in the neighbourhood so that shouldn't be difficult). I'll try to remember my camera also!

            1. re: futronic

              Hey futronic - thanks so much for your sleuthing. It sounds like a great idea - I really, really hope it's good. The Beach being such a foodie wasteland and all.

              I too live in the nabe and as I work from home I can suss it out on Thursday and report back.

              1. re: SharkfinSoup

                I look forward to the updates then - I cross my fingers - i would walk miles for pie, but if this works out - I won't have to.

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        1. Can you tell us anything more about the place and pie?

          1. what savory pies were available?

            1. re: hungryabbey

              Alright, here we go folks. I popped in after work and grabbed a savory pie and a slice of sweet pie.

              Savory pies available:

              Chicken pot pie
              Steak, mushroom, and ale
              Pork and carmelized onions
              Quiche (didn't get the flavour)

              Sweet pies:

              Lemon meringue

              I had a steak, mushroom, and ale pie and a slice of lemon meringue (that was indeed massive). The savory pie was alright. I found it suffers from the same issues that most pot pies do - under seasoning. I baked it up at home and ended up removing the lid, adding some salt and pepper, and then it was fine. I would also like them to blind bake the bottom crust a bit because it was a little soggy - again, a common plight I find with pot pies.

              The lemon meringue pie on the other hand was delicious. The crust was more crumbly than flaky, good texture and flavour. The lemon filling had a delicious pucker, and the meringue had a nice "chew" to it. Even more impressive was that the meringue stuck to the lemon layer, and didn't slide off or have that "watery" bit between the layers than can otherwise mar a pie like this.

              I enjoyed it and will definitely be back. I'll probably pop in this weekend to get a slice of apple or strawberry-rhubarb and will mention to Tim my concerns about the savory pie.

              I can't believe there's a decent food shop in the Beach! It's a miracle!


              Steak, mushroom, ale pie:

              Steak mushroom ale pie (filling):

              Lemon meringue pie:

              1. re: futronic

                I'm so happy to hear this! I walked by tonight and it looked like they were doing a decent business. I will definitely support it if it's good - we are in desperate need of good places in the Beach! I'll report back as soon as I give it a try.

                1. re: ms. clicquot

                  Yes hallelujah! Finally some decent nosh in the Beach!

                  We stopped by the place - it has a real "funky cottage" feel. Made me think, "why don't more places in the Beach look/feel like this?" It felt exactly like somewhere in the 1000 Islands. Had a great chat with Tim, who has spent a lot of time in around Gan/Ivy Lea/Kingston - hence the 1000 islands feel.

                  To the pies.....They'd completely sold out of lemon meringue and there weren't ANY savoury pies left! They were expecting more sweet pies today and the savoury shipment will be in tomorrow. We did manage to snag a slice of the mixed berry and a slice of pear to go. The flaky pastry was lovely - and the innards were delish!

                  I'm going back tomorrow to try out the savoury ones - YUM!

                  1. re: SharkfinSoup

                    So where are the pies baked if they're not made in house?

                    1. re: SharkfinSoup

                      Yes, I'd heard that they were selling out of some flavours. My friend went to pick up a pie for dessert yesterday and they didn't have much left. I guess I'll have to get there early if I want to give it a try!

                      1. re: ms. clicquot

                        They got more pies just before suppertime. I dragged a bunch of my neighbours there and we decided to do a "pie tasting." I grabbed a slice each of apple cinnamon, apple-raspberry, pear, and apricot. Brought them back to my place and had them all with some ice cream. Favourites in order were apple cinnamon, apricot, apple-raspberry, and pear - but they were all delicious!

                        I'll post photos of these ones later.

                        Apparently Tim's gone through something ridiculous like 160 pies since he opened on Thursday. Oh, and did I mention that they're open until 10pm nightly, except on Fridays and Saturdays when they're open until Midnight? Yes, I said midnight! How about that late-night pie craving run?

                        So thrilled to finally have some decent food in this neighbourhood.

                        BTW, they're only selling pie by the slice until they get the supply situation stabilized. I don't think they were expecting this much demand for pie in their first few days! They will take orders for whole pies though. I would expect that later this week they'll probably get things sorted out and sell whole pies.

                        1. re: futronic

                          Yes and there was even mention of pie delivery when we were in there - once the "pie supply logistics" are sorted. They're thinking of using an "antique bike" (their words) to perform these delivery runs. Can you imagine having pies delivered to your picnic? Makes you go all weak at the knees...

                          To answer your question Tatai I don't know exactly where the pies are baked. I gleaned from my chat that the baker is a small husband & wife setup. Tim did mention that his baker is the kind of guy who can tell you how a crust is made at 20 paces....

                            1. re: futronic

                              Popped in there a few days ago and took home two of the chicken pot pies, they are really, really, good...and yes I did have to season them a bit to add more spice but very hearty, nice pastry...I've been back three or four times since to pick up a pie and they have been sold out every time...I've stopped telling people about the place because there's no point in sending anyone there if they can't keep product in stock, the second time I went in, they were were sold out, he gave me a sandwich for free which was really, really nice, the third time same thing, I declined...I work at a pub a few blocks away and wanted to pick something up for after my shift...anyway, really, really frustrating...I was at work tonight and a friend whom I recommended to the place texted me at work to say she was there, I called her right away to see if they had any pot pies there hoping she could drop one off...but again, sold out...this was at 8:00pm, what's the point of staying open late if you don't have any product?...In any case, it's a great spot when they actually have some stuff but until they sort the supply problem out, I won't be sending any of my regulars down the street to them...and Pete, if you're reading this because I noticed you had 'Chowhound' printouts on your table the other night, it's Marc, the lacrosse guy...

                              1. re: trinityvan

                                I popped in after work today and they had lots of sweet pies Five or six different ones in the cabinet plus more in the back. Pie deliveries are at 2pm every day. Not sure what the schedule is for the savory pies.

                                Anyway, they've been open less than a week. Things will stabilize for sure. What is undeniable, however, is that the pies are hella-tasty.

            2. anyone know if they're open on Sundays?

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              1. re: JamieK

                They must be, unless the people that posted that they bought pies on May 24 broke in and helped themselves. :-)

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  ha,ha! I actually started trying to work that out myself but got lazy. Well -- hope they have some pies this Sunday!!! Wish they had a website too.

                  1. re: JamieK

                    7 days a week! Open 10-10 Sunday-Thursday, 10-midnight on Friday/Saturday.

                    1. re: futronic

                      Seems like they came out of the gate swinging...but in the end did not plan costs effectively, and have ended up with a VERY inferior product. for a FIN a slice...

                      Way better pies to be had, with more filling and jsut as good a crust. Which is not that good anymore anyway, as i think they lost their original chef.

                      Tim is a nice guy, but got the nubmers wrong methinks.

                      Good news is...with the pallette of the Beachs he'll probably be selliing pies for years....

              2. I don't know anything about the palate of Beach residents, but I tried the Pie Shack a couple of weeks ago and was shocked that it had received such accolades here.

                The crust is tasteless puff pastry, obviously not made with butter (it's more likely a cheaply sourced frozen commercial product). The fillings are horrid. I bought a few slices of these soggy pies and not one was edible. The strawberry-rhubarb, in fact, tasted like fermented strawberries.

                Aside from flavour, these pies looked like they were put together by a 3-year-old. I'm all for rustic charm, but these were a mess! They would certainly not be suitable to serve to guests or to bring as a dinner gift.

                I love pie; it's possibly my favourite dessert. But a good pie needs to start with a traditional, good flaky crust. The fillings should be carefully thought out and prepared. The pies have to be properly baked, and stored at the correct temperature (i.e., room temperature for those not containing cream or custard). The PIe Shack's refrigerated (!) pies are not my cup of tea. PIty!

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                1. re: Tatai

                  The quality of the pies have suffered significantly since the first week they opened. I'm quite disappointed by that fact. For $5 a slice or $25 a whole pie, it better be amazing. My latest gripes was with the lack of filling in recent pies.

                  When you can go to Cathy the struedel/pie lady at the North SLM on Saturday and get excellent pies (made with lard!) for $8, it's kind of tough to justify the (now) inferior product.

                  And yes, I was very positive with my comments initially.

                  1. re: Tatai

                    I tried a slice of the Rhubarb/Strawberry - took it home - warmed it up and had it with whipped cream thinking this would be the most amazing thing - the pastry was pretty hard to saw through and I just couldn't get through it. Sad because the price was pretty high and it ended up in that area of the fridge where mistakes go to die.

                  2. Tried this place a few weeks ago. Their rhubarb strawberry pie was the worst I've ever had. The crust was literally two thirds of the entire slice, and it was very, very badly made. The texture was like soggy bannock.