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May 17, 2009 10:30 AM

Eating & drinking in Charlottesville VA - any suggestions?

My husband and I are travelling to Charlottesville, VA, from Washington DC for a Memorial Day getaway weekend (likely with the rest of the tri state area!) and will be staying at the Omni on the mall for two nights.
We're looking for restaurant recommendations for Sat and Sun nights; please forgive me if there's already a discussion underway but I couldn't find anything more recent than summer of 2008 in my searches.
I've come across Savour and The Staunton Grocery...wondering if there are other comparable options for good food in the area, not necessarily "fine" dining. Perhaps something using locally grown foods or bistro fare.
Additionally, if anyone has input re: both the "don't miss" and the "don't bother" vineyards and wineries in the area, I'd be all ears...


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  1. As soon as you walk out the Omni onto the Downtown mall, you'll encounter Mudhouse. It's a locally owned coffee joint with nice pastries.

    Also close to the Omni and on the Mall is Bizou. Sort of upgraded comfort food and a local favorite for both lunch and dinner. No website.

    About half way down the Mall is Zocalo, one of the town's best restaurants. Spanish influenced, casual but upscale atmosphere:

    Maya is a couple of blocks off the Mall down West Main Street. Locally sourced good food:

    A little further down West Main is L'etoile, definitely more fine dining and they also source locally:

    We like the vineyards West of town, including Veritas, King Family, Cardinal Point. I'd skip Afton Mtn Vineyards as their wine is very sweet. Also in that area is Blue Mountain Brewery. They make excellent beers.

    1. We had great cocktails at Ventana. Only had guacomole for food, but it was tasty and inventive. For wine, head north to Horton and Barboursville. Whites are better than reds.

      1. Don't miss tapas at Mas in the Belmont Neighborhood and I also enjoy The Local just across the street from there, Escafe on the downtown Mall or Maya on West Main for a casual meal. If you are willing to drive, Duners in Ivy. If I had to pick two, it would be Mas and Duners, though Duners has no bar area so the wait outside is a hassle in the heat or rain....Maya would be next on the list.

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