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May 17, 2009 10:28 AM

Sosta (Miami), best pizza in the history of....

Well, maybe not best pizza in the history of anything, but it seems pizza hyperbole has been rampant here so I figured I'd take the torch.

Went to Sosta last night after getting eyes checked out. Luckily the place was dim so my poor dilated eyes weren't subjected to sharp lighting. Inside it's a very cool modern space. Lots of two tops that could be joined for larger groups. All tables had full view of the prep area which included the wiz, bang slicing machine (alas not hand cranked as I could see) and the Ferrari of revolving pizza ovens - although stools at the bar blocked the view a bit.

Liquor license isn't due till next week so we couldn't order beer or wine. List was heavily Italian and had some decent offerings. Apparently there will be a full bar eventually.

Menu is varied for a place with such a small prep space but everything we had was well prepared, service was well paced and there were absolutely no glitches to speak of. We shared a tomina avollto nel prosciutto alla piastra con rucoloa which meant really gooey cheese wrapped in prosciutto and baked in the oven served over arugula. It was delicious. Make sure to share with a friend as it's very rich. Only thing missing was bread to go with it, but arugula cut some of the richness. We also split a Matisse salad (eerily similar to a Nicoise) that was ridiculously good (much better than Books and Books' version which I really like). Great idea to offer salads in both small and large portions to have as either a starter or full meal. Lastly ordered a pizza bianchi with smoked scarmoza and speck. It was good, but didn't get much of the smoky flavor of the scarmoza. Crust was decent with some nice char here and there (note my baseline for excellent pizza crust is that of Pizzeria Mozza in L.A.) so it was good, but not spectacular.

Although I didn't get to talk to the chef to hear him wax poetic about pizza dough, and I didn't get to stand next to the kick-ass oven and grab slices as they came out, and I had to pay for my dinner, I still think the pizza at Sosta is the best pizza in the history of that little spot on Lincoln Road. Will the place do well? Probably, as it fills a niche for a more sophisticated pizza place - more of an adult atmosphere than Spris and more upscale than Piola. I think both Piola and Spris will continue to do well as their concepts have proven successful and I just think Sosta adds a new alternative and different offerings. And to say the place was gunning on all cylinders in its first week is an understatement. There was not a single flaw in the service. Seating is still only indoors but you know the owners are salivating at that expansive outdoor area they've got. Figured they'd wait until they had things down pat with the smaller inside area before expanding outdoors but the way service was going and the quality of the food they were producing last night, I don't think it'll be long.

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  1. I went as well and though there were some inconsistencies with the pizza, it was better than both spris and piola. The buratta pizza was amazing. The other pizzas ranged from good to very good. I do not recommend the Sosta pizza though (it was not prepared bad, just that combination of ingredients did not work), I tried the Sosta pizza only because I usually try dishes named after the restaurant because they should be their best. In this case that was not correct. I also tried a plain and a gorgonzola pizza, both very good.

    I found the pie crust to be a bit inconsistent with it being too crunchy on the Margarita.

    I also found the service to be great.

    Onion rings were excellent btw. Kind of odd, I know.

    I think this place will take some business away from both piola and spris due to the price, location and quality of the pizza once they get their outdoor seating, but I think all of them will do just fine.

    1. L2M - great post. I had a pizza last night that danced a cha-cha and gave me a $2 bill afterwards.

      TP - that's a lot of pizza! Burrata pizza somehow seems wrong to me. What happens to the burrata when it melts? Doesn't the cream within get the pizza too wet?

      Seems there are going to be several contenders for "best pizza". I wish I'd bought a pizza oven manufacturer about 18 months ago.

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        I have a pretty big appetite. What is funny is I often get special treatment in restaurants I eat at because I order so much food, they think I am a reviewer :).

        Burratta Pizza -- I had the same fears but it works out great.. I am trying to remember if they just use the burrata casing only but I could have sworn, I tasted the creamy inside on the pizza.

      2. Are you sure the pizza was better than Johnny Rockets :)?

        1. fabulous review. thanks for that. i have renewed sense of hope in pizzaland here..thank you thank you! can't wait to try it.

          1. This is the sharpest looking pizzeria I've ever seen. Moreover, the staff was clearly well trained and the service was great. The Diavola Pizza (tomato, mozz and spicy salami) I tried was VERY good. Thin crust with great cheese/sauce ratio. . The cobb salad received a big thumbs up from across the table too. A nice addition to Lincoln Road and a great pre/post movie option. I'll be back for more.