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May 17, 2009 10:11 AM

Nashua, NH -- lunch/dinner venues for bachelorette party?

Hi all, I am planning a low-key bachelorette party in the Nashua, NH area for June but am unfamiliar with the area's restaurants/actitivities. We are planning on doing SkyVenture and then other fun activities (TBD... any suggestions are welcome)

I'm looking for nice, fun restaurants in the $15-30 range which might have a private room for 10-15 people. Do you have any suggestions? Live music, no live music... We're open!

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  1. If you want something low key, maybe with music and not TOO expensive, you may want to try calling Boston Billiards in Nashua. I know that they have a private room w/it's own pool table... Unsure about the price, though.

    Also, Margarita's in Nashua has a great lounge area downstairs. I believe they get like $10 per person depending on the package. I had a birthday party there and it was lots O fun.

    I'll try and think of other places and get back to ya :)

    1. Check the Favorite Casual restaurants in Nashua, NH thread for some suggestions on restaurants.
      Margarita's is a great venue, but the food is mediocre at best. Probably a good place for a party, though.