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Looking for a truly authentic Italian restaurant (Scottsdale, AZ)

I live part of the year in Italy and am looking for a truly Italian restaurant in Scottsdale. I'm hoping to find a restaurant owned and managed by a real Italian who has not americanized his cuisine. I tried Sassi and it was terrible beyond description. Gianfranco is Italian and while the food is good, he has americanized it too much. I would say the same for Alberto in Cave Creek. The closest I have found is Trattoria Veneto that thankfully has remained faithful to the real tradition of Italian cooking. Do any of you Italians living in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area have other suggestions.

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  1. Although not fancy in decor and more of a market and lunch place, although they do some dinners- Andreoli , 8880 E. Via Linda, off of 90th might be a good place to check out. You hear quite a bit of Italian spoken there.


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      Agreed, Andreoli might be one of your best bets. They actually have some great dinner options. The menu is limited (usually just a couple of nightly specials plus the regular/daily menu), but it's all done very well. I think the place has a bit of an identity crisis--high-end prices with low-end service and atmosphere (both pleasent but not matching the price point)--but the food is delicious and fairly authentic.

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        Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give Andreoli a try.

      2. Also close to Andreoli is Amarone', 91st and Via Linda. Seems all the folks there speak Italian, two wood burning ovens, one for pizza one for bread. Best italian food I have ever had.

        1. I'm not Italian, but I think I often eat as though I were. Since you added "Scottsdale-Phoenix" at the end of your inquiry, I'm going to assume you are not strictly limited to what's available within the limits of one particular suburb and are instead willing to look more broadly at the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area. If that's the case, I would recommend you try Marcellino in North Central Phoenix.

          Marcellino Ristorante
          7114 E. Stetson Dr. 85251, Old Town Scottsdale, AZ 85251

          1. You must go to Marcellino's in Phoenix. The chef is off the boat Italian and the food is Amazing!!!

            Marcellino Ristorante
            7114 E. Stetson Dr. 85251, Old Town Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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              Yes, Marcellino's would be my vote too. Just a few days ago Rubee posted a thorough review of a fantastic meal there.

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                Great first visit! : )

                Link here:

                Marcellino Ristorante in Phoenix

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                This was going to be my suggestion, as well. While I am not Italian, and do not spend time there, friends, who write cookbooks and dine all over that country, love and crave Chef Marcellino's cooking. We took them there, and they have thanked us ever since. Something (everything?) must be right. Now, they do close for part of the Summer to go back to Italy, hosting US food fans for part of their trip.


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                  Thanks for your comment. I have heard from several trustworthy sources that Marcellino's is great. Regards.

                2. i just had a great meal a La Fontanella on Indian School and $0th st. after the desert botanical gardens outing and was pleasantly surprised. great people and great food.

                  1. Andreoli's and Marcellino's would be my top 2 picks. two totally different types of place but both have equally good Italian food. I can't imagine you'd be disappointed with either one.

                    1. Can anyone speak to the authenticity of either Ristorante Giuseppe or Arrivederci (both around Thunderbird and Scottsdale)? I've only been to both once or twice, and its been a little while, so my memory of the details are weak. I did enjoy both places (giving the edge to Giuseppe both for food and BYOB). Both cook similarly straight-forward Italian. No big surprises, but everything I've tried has been solid.

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                        crsin are u speaking of giuseppe's on indian school and 28th street?

                        If so I have to strongly disagree with you, I wouldnt feed that food to my dog.

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                          "Thunderbird and Scottsdale"

                          Ristorante Giuseppe
                          13610 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

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                            Thanks for the placelink, I always forget to do that.

                            drewb: I don't believe there's any relationship between the two Giuseppe's, other than a shared name.

                            EDIT: looking back, I see the name of the place is actually Ristorante Giuseppe. I changed it in my original post. Sorry about the confusion.

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                              i will have to take by husband there, interesting never heard of it..

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                                Don't forget cash; they don't accept credit cards.

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                                  will do, might try it this fri night, how mcuh ya think for 2? he will prob order lasagna as long as its not made with sausage.

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                                    Based on a couple-months-old takeout menu: pastas range from $7-$12, with most in the 10-12 range (lasagna is $10). They also have a market price "specialties" menu which I believe is a bit more expensive, but still not bad (just a guess, but I want to say $15 or less). I'm not entirely sure how the menu works, as last time I was there I was having a tough time deciding, asked our server for a recommendation, and he brought be out a great pasta/sausage dish that I didn't recall being in the menu, so I'm curious if they have many off-menu items I'm not aware of. I believe it's BYOB, with no corkage fee, if that interests you. Also, they close 8:30, so might not be the best bet if you work and/or eat late.

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                                      thanks for the info, i was reading about the restaurant on yelp, due to them not having a website. I was really intrigued with the BYOB wish it was a lil closer to me but im psyched to try it.

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                                        I go there at least once a week for lunch. Cash only, byob, no corkage. Basic, straightfoward Italian food but well prepared by real Italians. When possible, go with whatever special is on the menu. It's usally very good.

                                        I'm a fan.

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                                          drewb-curious if you made it out there, and how it was for you. I also ended up there for dinner Friday night, and had a really nice pasta dish with some delicious and surprisingly lean pork rib. I've only been ~4-5 times, but continue to really enjoy my meals each time.

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                            I can't bring myself to go to Arrivederci. Something about a restaurant named "Goodbye" just makes me twitch.

                          3. I'm dying to learn where the OP stays when in Italy. Andreoli and Trattoria Veneto are both great Italian restaurants, but they represent traditions from opposite ends of the country and their menus have very little in common.

                            1. Casa Mia hands down. Just ask Danilo to fix you something.