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May 17, 2009 09:36 AM

Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken - any recent experiences/opinions?

Wife and I just ran across this place while out driving. It looks fantastic, but some older reviews on the Boards (circa 2002, 2003) express a lot of disappointment about the food.

Six years is a long time. Has anyone been recently? We could use some help deciding whether this is a place to spend of our precious babysitter nights (other options are Blackfish, Marigold Kitchen, maybe Tinto if we're pretending the economic crisis is over).


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  1. haven't been to spring mill cafe in ages, but i think you are probably better off at blackfish, MK, or tinto. (there's got to be a reason no one's posting about SMC, right?)

    1. We ate at Spring Mill Cafe about a year ago... it was quite possibly one of the worst meals we've EVER had out. Just to put it into perspective...we eat out once a week, every week for the last 3 years. It's a reward for a hard weeks worth of work. We've had some really bad meals across the board (also some very good ones), and this one is very close to the top of the list. First of all, very small limited menu when we were there consisted of 6 apps, 3 of which were pate. One duck, one chicken liver and one sampler. the other apps were a pork riette sp? (almost the same thing), a green salad and escargot. The server told us the pate wasn't even made in house. i went with snails... like $12 for 5 snails in a garlic-parsley sauce... no joke. All raw garlic... no other flavor could ever survive in that sea of garlic. Mains were a steak and a Moroccan layered dish called a bistaillia with phyllo dough and the worst dried out chunks of something that in a past life usto be chicken... It was worse than eating cardboard. Again... no joke. Server did not even ask why we ate almost nothing. They were out of 3 things on a small dessert menu, so we skipped it all together. One other weird thing. The chefs came out of the kitchen (2 of them anyway) and cleared plates and bussed the table wearing dirty chef coats, no aprons and jeans... it was a strange, sloppy site to behold. All and all we felt like even though it was so bad, we managed to get a great story out of it. And over the last year we have enjoyed talking about it. However, I would never go there again even if someone I hated was paying for the meal... it was just SO bad.

      1. I'm actually shocked by the reviews below me. I also go out at least once a week for the past 3 years and lived in Palo Alto, San Francisco and then Philadelphia and have had a great range of foods - good, bad, expensive, cheap. I had a great meal at Spring Mill Cafe - so good in fact that I'm having my rehearsal dinner there! There are plenty of great reviews on other sites - and there are several on chowhound. I had a delicious meal and so did my fiancee. I loved that it was seasonal as well - kind of hard to find. I'll obviously be returning with about 30 of my favorite people so I'm hoping for my sake that my meal is replicated and not yours!