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May 17, 2009 09:07 AM

In need of nice Sunday lunch. Ralph's? Better options?

Looking for a nice, kind of special Sunday lunch choice (live jazz or brunch menu NOT required) for my group of 10 locals and first-time visitors. Would do Commander's (especially for the newbies) but have done it many times. Would Ralph's be an alternative (nice views but that's about all I know) though I've have seen wildly different food opinions (food is of ultimate importance.)? Any better choices? Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. You will definitely enjoy raplhs a real sleeper.

    1. Check out Muriels in the quarter. Good little brunch and unique atmosphere.

      1. Patois is open on Sundays for lunch.

        1. While I've never been to Ralph's for Sunday brunch, I've given them several shots for dinner and have decided I won't be back.

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            I would recommend Ralph's for the atmosphere, but the food is inferior to other establishments IMO. I really like Dante's Kitchen for Sunday brunch, as well as EAT, although EAT is pretty casual and may not be good for a large group. Muriel's is a good choice as well. I also believe that Luke is open for lunch on Sundays, which I would highly recommend. Good luck!

            1. re: ScarlettNola

              I LOVED Ralph's, but once Chef Maras left, the food has sunk to nothing terribly special. Sadly, you can do MUCH better.

          2. I think that Ralph's would be a good choice. We usually do this on our Sunday, prior to going to MSY. The food and service have always been great. The wine list has slimmed down a bit, and their selection of nice white Burgs has disappeared (to my eternal regret, but probably based on the market).

            Only caveat that I would have is request that your party is NOT seated in the piano room at the bar, if you wish to converse. The piano plays for the entire restaurant, and is nice out in the main dining room. Within the confines of that back room, it is far, far too loud. Have not heard if they might have mic'ed the piano and run the feed though a sound system for the rest of the restaurant - my suggestion.

            Here are composite reviews, and I believe that there are three Ralph's reviews:


            If I offered up a link to a review without Ralph's, please just ignore it.