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May 17, 2009 08:21 AM

Middle Eastern food on Cape Cod?

Help, please. I'm so hungry for Middle-Eastern food, I've even picked grape vine rolls out of the salad bar at Stop & Shop! Is there anyplace on the Cape where I can get a good platter of moussaka, dolmatakis, falafel, and stuffed grape leaves? I've tried Ardeo, but thought it was too expensive and chi-chi.

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  1. There is no other Cape Cod spot that I know of aside from Ardeo. I am full on Armenian and am pretty spoiled thanks to Mom's home cooking. I find Ardeo's prices fair and IMHO it's pretty low key in fact I don't see it as chi chi at all. Maybe it's changed since my last visit in the winter? I like their grapeleaves and baba ganoush..that's about it.

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      Thanks for the reply, Phelana. Maybe chi-chi is the wrong description for Ardeo's; it's just that I'm looking for the type of place you'd find in Watertown Square. I'd like to just stop by for a quick lunch, or order at the counter or take out. BTW, I hear there may be something new in the Sandwich Triangle area, behind the movie theater on Cotuit Road. I'll check it out this week, and report back. By the way, I was telling my sister about a dish made out of bulgar and ground lamb called something like kibbey. When I was married to an Israeli and lived in the city, a Lebanese neighbor used to make it. Have you heard of it?

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        My Gramma lived in Watertown. We used to go to Sevan Bakery, Kay Market and all the great Armenian middle eastern stops. Sure, I know Kibbee. It is Lebanese. I am not fond of it. It's really hard to be brought up with this cuisine and dine out. I am very particuliar and am never quite satisfied. I used to go to the original El Morocco when I was a kid so that certainly dates myself. (Grin)..

        Good luck with your search. I think certain ethnic eateries struggle some on Cape Cod.

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          I understand completely, Phelana; the guys at work could never understand why I wouldn't go to what I call "red gravy" Italian restaurants with them. They thought sweet, spicy sauces were Italian. Ha! Finally, on a business trip, we went to an Italian restaurant where I was thrilled to see a menu that had pork chops with vinegar peppers. It was wonderful, but the co-worker next to me said, "That's a pretty strange choice for an Italian restaurant." Yes, right, very strange -- especially because it's something my Nonna cooked all the time.

          Anyway, back to our topic of Middle Eastern food on the Cape . I tried the new Mediterranean Grill in Sandwich this week, and finally got my fix. They aren't officially opened until this weekend, but the owner was training the help. It's very attractively done; you order at the counter, but there are plenty of linen-covered tables to sit at.

          The menu included sandwiches, wraps,rotisserie chicken, and more. Here's a list: gyro pitas, spinach pie, souvlaki, dolmades, tyropita pie, horiatiki, mousaka, pastitisio, and falafel.

          I tried a combination platter for take out. I liked the spinach pie very much, and thought the souvlaki was good. Great pita, too.

          I'll be trying the falafel soon!

          Mediterranean Grille is located at 280 route 130, behind the movie theater in the Sandwich "triangle" area between Cotuit Road and Route 130. The phone number on their menu is 508 833-1448.

          1. re: Giuditta

            Thanks G..I never get over that way but appreciate the insight just in case. Honestly I am not a big fan of Greek fast food also a good spinach pie is always welcome. I don't love the recipe Ardaeo uses for the pies. So it's a Greek place essentially vs Lebanese/Syrian?

            1. re: phelana

              Thank you Guiditta!

              Just had dinner last night at the new Mediterranean Grille in Forestdale (Sandwich) -- it was great! Having lived in the middle east for several years, I can say that this is truly authentic Greek/Mediterranean. We tried a little of everything -- starting with the avgolemono soup, then mediterranean combo (six different items) and the souvlaki, and finishing with a selection of desserts (the baklava was amazing!). Everything is homemade by the lovely Greek couple who own the place.

              Spotlessly clean and very reasonably priced -- I highly recommend it!

            2. re: Giuditta

              So glad I found this link about Lebanese food on Cape Cod. My husband and I love Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, especially Lebanese. We used to live in the D.C. area and there we were first introduced to some awesome restaurants and friends who were Lebonese. We have also visited Israel and loved the food! I just bought an awesome cookbook called Classic lebanese Cuisine by Kamal Al-Faqh. And I live very near the Med Grill, which I'm looking forward to trying! I just assumed it was Italian, which is good, but Greek is better! Lebonese would be best!

              Thanks for the info!

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                Not a restaurant, but there is a new Mediterranean food shop on the corner of Main and Ocean in Hyannis called Orexi Foods. I plan to check it out ASAP. Has anyone been there?

            3. re: phelana

              Phelana, you are a real foodie, a woman after my own heart, and you seem to know about everthing and everywhere. I loved your mention of Watertown, it has some of the best food in the world! I love all the places you mentioned and loved Kareem's as well, I'm not certain of his ethnicity but his food was simply fabulous. Royal Pizza on Lower County Road in Dennisport has spinach pie, mousaka and pastitisio, not always available but quite good, and the place itself is so spotless it shines. The owner, Paul, is a warm and friendly host. George's Pizza in Harwich Port has a wonderful spinach pie. I've read that Jerry's Seafood in West Yarmouth has Mid-East food now but I haven't been there recently.

              1. re: taddybelle

                taddy, love you back..LOVE George's. Have been going there since I was 17 and I am now..oh well, never mind. My kid loves their spinach calzone but I never had their Greek food. Honestly, I am not a fan of Greek food and am such a snob about Middle Eastern cuisines such as Lebanese ...BTW, is Greek considered Middle Eastern or Mediterranean? The foods are the same with different names. We call Baklava Paklava. Dolmas are universal in that neck of the woods. Mom went to to Karoun's in Newton recently and said it was ok. I drive by Royal when I go to Sundae School and it's forever empty. I might have to pop in. Don't forget Jay Mart on 28 in S. Yarm. has Bulgarian and Greek gorceries. I get my kadayif and filo dough there. If anyone likes Kadayif, well I make it pretty darn good. (grin)...

                1. re: phelana

                  I confess to not really understanding the difference between all the foods that to me sort of go under the umbrella of Middle-Eastern, they are all wonderful and interesting and delicious. I love all sorts of ethnic foods, actually haven't met one I didn't like, and we've all been enriched by them. I remember coming down one Friday years back and picking up a Times that had a feature about ethnic foods on the Cape. The Indian Pavilion had just opened in Hyannis and was prominently mentioned along with Chinese, Italian and Irsh food. We've come a long way, haven't we. Now I just wish that Falafel King, which has made it from Bosotn to Quincy, would decide to come over the bridge and delight us all with its wonderful and authentic food. And I'll of course check out Jay Mart, my son spent part of a summer in Bulgaria and has also traveled extensively in Greece so it's a must for us. Do give Royal Pizza a try, we enjoy having diner sitting out on the porch on a summer night with a glass of wine and watching the world go by, or I should say watching the world eating ice cream at the Sundae School.