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May 17, 2009 07:51 AM

Breakfast in Portland, ME

Any great breakfast places in Portland to try? Looking for pancakes, french toast, eggs benedict, home fries, good pastries, etc. type of place (not just grab a muffin at a coffeehouse). Thanks.

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  1. Our favorite is the Porthole, a great spot on Custom House Wharf; great breakfast food, and you can eat looking at the water.

    Porthole Restaurant
    20 Custom, House Wharf Portland, ME

      1. The usuals; if you Google, you'll find the menus for most, if not all, online.

        • Becky's--nothing fancy, just good diner food at a good price, has received national attention, so often very crowded;

        • Porthole, gussied up former dive, great location, pricier than Becky's, you can eat on the wharf if the weather's decent;

        • Bintliff's, humongous breakfast/brunch menu, some very creative choices;

        • Good Egg, shares space with PepperClub, good breakfast fare;

        • Miss Portland Diner, diner fair with flair, excellent service, very good food (and free parking in the adjacent lot, always a plus).

        1. I'm going to suggest The Front Room. The last several times I have been there, the service has been much improved - in fact, quite good. (Same servers, hope they stick around!) I really, really like the eggs benedict and blueberry pancakes. Go early for the least hassle if hitting it on the weekend.

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