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May 17, 2009 07:38 AM

Il Falco (Stamford) for a special occasion?

Dad's birthday is coming up and Mom thought of Il Falco as a celebration possibility. None of us have been there but it has been around a very long time. Il Falco has been mentioned in passing on a few other posts but I didn't come up with anything substantive. Anyone been there lately that can comment? Thanks in advance!

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  1. They are literally down the street from me, next to Target. Awful location IMHO...people seem to think they're going into the Sam Ash music store. Oh well.

    Food? I ate there a year ago and was VERY underwhelmed. Bland (yes BLAND...that's NOT what you expect from a decent Italian place), unimaginative (how many dishes need "red sauce" on them?) and just plain...well, boring.

    How about Siena? V close to Falco, just up Summer Street. If the weather is nice you can eat outside and the food couldn't be better. I have known this place for over 10 years and it stays the course. The menu changes with the seasons, the food is excellent and the owner is always there making sure you are happy. Yes, on busy nights the service can be a bit slow and the noise level is high...but go later on or sit outside. I promsie you that you will have a good meal.

    There's always Spadaro's...if the NYT review doesn't finish them off...knock on wood

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      I feel like I'm swimming upstream on this one, but for classical American Italian fare (albeit red sauce), I think Il Falco fits the bill. While the decor is a bit faded, there's no redcheckered tablecloths and chianti bottle candles. Ok, it's not hound-land, but very good for what it is... which may just be what your Dad likes And they'll fix anything off the menu... like a really sensational sabayone. A good place for a celebration.

      But if its a little more contemperary Italian you're after in Stamford there's also Columbus Park, Aria, and Emme. Mona Lisa a half notch below.

    2. Personally, I'd go to Pellicci's instead because it's the same genre but cheaper, better executed and the food is much better.

      I find the service at Il Falco is ill-informed and pushy. The food is mediocre. There is absolutely no atmosphere.

      1. I have to agree with louuuuu regarding Il Falco: it is classical and traditional old world Italian. I love Columbus Park and Siena (and Mona Lisa) as mentioned in the other post, but if I were trying to take my Dad to a traditional Italian restaurant, I'd take him to Il Falco.