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May 17, 2009 07:36 AM

meal delivery for Po' Bro'

My brother has been down with the flu for a couple of weeks, but on the mend.

His cupboard is bare--down to PB&J. (he's moving in a month or so). I'd cook for him but live several states away.

He needs some good grub in him.

Is there anyplace near Mopac and W. Palmer that would deliver? I'd like to get him a couple of meals so he can eat for a couple of days. healthy soups, deli sands, pasta, chicken or meats....


Thanks a bunch. He's not picky, but loves good Italian, deli, Mexican, BBQ....

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  1. If I were you, I think I might consider looking into one of Austin's grocery delivery joints. I havent tried them personally, but this way your bro could get whole foods that would last him more than a night or two. I have seen the vans for Austin Grocer around town but admittedly dont know much about them:

    I have always said that Austin is lacking in its number of non-pizza places that will actually deliver, and the Parmer (It's Parmer, not Palmer :) the misspelling is a common thing around here) at Mopac area is so far from downtown that your choices are limited. Austin doesn't have a lot of deli type places to begin with, unfortunately. The first thought that came to mind was the Mangia Pizza Gracy Farms location. I used to eat at the Guad location back when I lived near UT and I always ordered cheesesteaks with "mangia fries." While their food isnt exactly the best in town, for delivery options in the area this is probably the best you are going to find that far north. Spinach lasagne and the pesto pizza on thin crust I remember being the other things I would eat there.

    That said, if money isn't too important, the food delivery service Eat Out In will deliver food from a variety of area restaurants, though they charge hefty delivery fees. At a glance I can tell you that from their restaurant options I'd go with either Mother's Cafe (local, healthy vegetarian fare, lots of fresh veggies), Zocalo (local gringofied mexican), Manuel's (slightly fancier mexican, decent mole sauce), Chango's (owned by Manuel's, but cheaper. big burritos, tacos), or for comfort food, maybe Threadgills (Fried chicken, mac n'cheese, casseroles, veggies, mashed potato type stuff that would def. keep well in the fridge). If he really wants BBQ I see Green Mesquite is the only BBQ place listed. Most of the other places are either crappy chain restaurants or just plain bad food IMO. All the places I named should have their own web sites that you can google for full menus.

    I'll let others chime in. Since I havent lived that far north for a while, others may know of delivery places that have opened up more recently. Nice of you to take care of your bro when he's down.

    1. How about the Soup Peddler? Local owned that delivers pre-set menu featuring soups, salad, quiche, entree & dessert. You choose from the list and it's delivered next week (which may not be soon enough for recovery). He would have to put out a cooler on the porch for delivery day but on the plus side everything is already cooked so he'd just have to warm things up. Their chicken stock based soups are great.

      They really saved my sanity while we were remodeling the kitchen and only had a microwave in the guest room for cooking. Plus we also live at Parmer & MoPac so I know they deliver to his area. (Zip 78727 = Thursday afternoon delivery).

      1. Last time I was at Central Market, I saw a sign at the checkout saying that they do grocery delivery.

        1. Just found this thread which lists pre-prepared dinners that deliver:

          which reminded me of places I'd been wanting to try....

          1. Thank you all so much!!

            He's doing much better, and out enjoying his races (racin' nut).

            This will come in handy for when he doesn't feel like cooking.

            Thanks, Austin Hounds!!