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Leftover Catered Filet

Went to an affair last night, ordered the filet of beef (which was delicious) but couldn't finish it so I took it home with me.

Any suggestions on how to give my delicious leftovers new life? (I had it cooked medium rare and it was cooked as such)


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  1. My standard approach: slice thinly, prepare any spicy dipping sauce or hot mustard; eat cold with hot, plain rice.

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      That sounds good. Or in a sandwich made with toasted sour dough with horseradish cream & arugula....

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        Boy...that sounds perfect as well!

    2. MMmmm. I wish I had your problem.

      I would top some spring greens, add some blue cheese chunks, tomatoes and toss with a vinaigrette.

      1. thinly sliced atop a spinach salad with raw mushrooms and sliced bermuda onion and i'd use Brianna's Poppy Seed dressing.

        1. Steak and eggs for breakfast.

          1. Slice thin for beefy quesadillas.

            1. It might be a little late for tonight, but when I have good steak leftovers, I slice them lengthwise, around an inch thick, heat my cast iron pan, melt some butter in the pan, and heat the slices quickly on both cut sides. I find it doesn't overcook them too much beyond the reheating, while reheating them nicely. The slices are great over rice, over salad, accompanying any leftover potatoes or side dishes, or just straight out of the pan.

              1. I would make Pouting Tiger Salad.

                Just because I love spicy food does not mean I want my entire face to liquefy at the table so this is a somewhat less spicy version of the infamous Thai salad.

                I start with a bed of finely shredded savoy cabbage, shredded red cabbage, shredded carrot, sprouts, coriander and thai basil. Then slice your leftover filet and arrange it on top (you can make a delicious salad from raw beef by marinating it and grilling it but you need to use up leftovers)

                Then I make a dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, half a sliced thai bird chile, a little sriracha, a few drops of sesame oil, ginger, a little lemongrass, lime zest and galangal.

                This is excellent on a hot day.

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I wound up doling it out over 3 days of salad! Paired it with arugula, radishes, goat cheese and pistachios with balsamic vinegar!