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best lobster roll

we are traveling to Boston later this week. Where can we get the best lobster roll? Any other suggestions for something not to miss?

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  1. Truth is, the lobster doesn't necessarily come from local waters - much comes from Canada depending upon the animal's molting seasons (2 times per year). So it boils down to the restaurant, ambiance, cuisine, etc.

    I can recommend the roll at Skipjack's, or the Lobster salad for the same taste on top of salad greens, very satisfying.

    Rarely will you encounter a restaurant that cooks its own lobsters for meat... it's mostly purchased wholesale, sadly

    Good Luck!

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    2. Someone was just raving about the Lobster Roll at Neptune Oyster in the North End...they said not traditional...but full and really, really good!

      For anyone heading out toward the Cape....we just went down to Falmouth last weekend and were with my mom & father in law...so we went to the Quarterdeck...a frozen in time "traditional" NE nautical type restaurant...but the Lobster Salad sandwich...WOW. It was HUGE...we should have split one....the amount of a whole lobster (very fresh) on thick fluffy Portuguese bread, mayo and lettuce....fantastic way to kick off the summer!

      1. Conventional wisdom on this board is that the best roll in Boston proper is at either Neptune Oyster in the North End or B&G Oyster in the South End.

        I love both places, their lobster rolls, and their oysters--you cannot go wrong.

        1. Neptune is without a doubt my favorite lobster roll. B&G has a good one too but if I had to pick one it would be Neptune. They have two kinds, hot and cold. Both are terrific. Once you try it you will be hooked.

          1. I like the Legal Seafoods version which comes on a buttered, toasted hot dog roll loaded with lobster and fresh fries. Another good one is the Olde Salt House in Cohasset but I don't know if it's open yet for the season:


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              Had a lobster roll at Legal in Framingham a couple of weeks ago- the roll was brioche hot dog roll , toasted and buttery. Very delicious. Since I didn't want the roll to overtake the taste of the lobster I ate it separately.

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                As discussed many times on this board, the brioche roll is the problem many of us have with the lobster roll at Neptune. Which, in my case, doesn't prevent me from ordering it; rather, like you, I just eat the roll, in all of its butter and lobster juice goodness, separately from the lobster meat inside.

            2. I really enjoy the lobster roll from Kelly's Roast Beef. All locations are good, but head to the original in Revere and eat it while sitting on the ocean wall. They also do a good job with fried seafood and onion rings. However, I've never been a fan of their roast beef sandwiches.

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                This. I had my first lobster roll of the season from Kelly's and was happily reminded that it's chock full of knuckle and claw meat, very lightly mayo'd and served on a delicious grilled buttered hot dog roll. $17.

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                  Agree, the lobster roll at Kelly's (the original revere location) is excellent.

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                    Do you really think there's a difference between the Revere and other locations? Or just for the atmosphere?

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                      I guess it's jus the atmosphere; not sure I've ever tried the rolls at any other locations.

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                    Is it seasonal at Kelly's? I think they use (good) frozen (tail-less) lobster meat and it's on the menu all of the time, but the price does change a little bit (maybe $16-$18).

                    It is definitely the biggest (two people can even share one and be pretty happy) lobster roll I know of (I once had 6 big claws stuffed in a single roll!) - and they will make it for you with little or even no mayo if you order it that way. It has been consistently good in Revere, Everett, Natick (Jordan's) and Saugus.

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                      I had one last week and although tasty I would certainly not recommend sharing it ... I think I could eat three of them without much of an issue if money were no object :-)

                2. I'm going to have to try the Neptune one one of these days. Anyone know how it stacks up against a Red's Eats (Wiscasset, ME) one?

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                      Is that your photo?!?!??!?!? Simply a-mazing!

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                        Nope its not my photo. I googled "reds lobster roll photo" and got that and tons of others.

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                      I've never had Neptune's but I fondly remember the summer of 2003 when my daughter and i were both laid off and drove the long trip to Red's. It was a luscious treasure at the end of the trek. Yum!


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                          This is old news, but Red died last year. Here is his obit. Seemed like a great guy. I hit Reds once a year on the way to the Maine Lobster Festival. The place backs up traffic something fierce, but they've earned that distinction.


                    3. Live and kicking on Putnam in Cambridge does a great super simple roll...superfresh lobster, mayo, lemon, s&p on a white roll.Yummmmmy!

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                        Kelly's at revere beach was fantastic the other day, At $16 was a steal, next time will have 2

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                          they don't so it on buttered scalli bread anymore???

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                            I love the 'Live N Kickin's Lobster sandwich. It comes on buttered toasted Scali and is chuck full of lobster. I am no longer able to drive by the shop without stopping in for one.

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                              Must be my "Going up against chowhound collective wisdom" moment. I've never understood the lobster sammich at Alive and Kicking. SO unimpressive. I buy lobster there, but don't understand the appeal of the roll...I'd definitely pick that amazing lobster roll at Kelly's (revere)...What a treat!!!

                              1. re: galleygirl

                                I am with you 100% GG - it is downright anemic compared to pretty much every other lobster "roll" in the area. I guess it is a yummy little treat - it tastes good and uses fresh lobster meat, but it is not a good value at all.

                                1. re: galleygirl

                                  I think the lightly buttered bread and barely dressed, freshly shucked lobster meat is what their roll is about. Kelly's doesn't interest me, as I like to have both claw and tail meat.

                                  1. re: gyppielou

                                    Have you tried Kelly's roll? It's really pretty awesome. GG was skeptical last summer until I twisted her arm into trying it (ow! ow!) and yeah, she was hooked.

                                    1. re: yumyum

                                      Yeah, I may have to get one on the way up to a Swampscot demo next week, since I have fulfilled my Cambodian craving in my own kitchen...I don't remember them as having only claw and knuckle; I remember some very large pieces of sweet meat...

                                      1. re: galleygirl

                                        Please let us know if you dissect it and can tell what type of meat is in the roll. I think it's just great. Obviously.

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                                  Got my first lobster sandwich from Alive and Kicking on Friday. It came on buttered toasted scali and was delicious. It certainly wasn't chock full of lobster, though. Decent amount of lobster, lightly dressed, flavorful meat, fresh, no celery, no lettuce, came with a bag of chips. Have no idea if it was tail or claw, I don't have enough lobster meat experience to identify. For $12.95 I'd get it again, I think it's fairly priced for how delicious it is.

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                                    I tried this for the first time today. I have to say I really like this sandwich ... even though the lobster is in much smaller pieces than the more traditional rolls. More like lobster salad sandwich and deeeelicious. Gina, who made it for me, and Louis, the proprietor, asked me to tell my friends if I liked it. And so I am.

                              2. No one has mention Summer Shack? I had one when Jasper first opened, anyone had one recently....I can't imagine that he doesn't steam his own lobster to make them.

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                                  i cant imagine that he does. Most anywhere buys the meat already picked. Many places buy it picked and frozen. In boothbay a few years back we sat and watched with great amusement as a delivery guy from a frozen foods truck delivered an entire 2-wheeler stack of frozen lobster meat to each of the restaurants on the main strip.

                                  1. re: hargau

                                    What's New England cuisine coming too if you travel to Maine and can't find fresh lobster meat!

                                    What's your guess with regard to B&G? Just curious?

                                    1. re: lbucket

                                      You CAN find plenty of fresh lobster meat. Its just IN the lobsters usually and not in the rolls. Plenty of places also get fresh picked lobster meat in bulk that hasnt been frozen. Very few if any will take a live lobster, boil it, pick it, chill it, and make a roll out of it.

                                      1. re: hargau

                                        Got it...thanks.....I was cringing at the thought of using frozen meat for a lobster roll. I guess its the same as buying peeled apples.

                                        1. re: hargau

                                          During the summer (at least the last two) if you're up for a drive Captain Hooks( the sub shop along Rte 127 on your way to Rockport from the 128 rotary) does just that: boils their own lobsters for fresh lobster meat rolls!!!

                                          At least that's what the owner-lady serving me said.

                                          1. re: justbeingpolite

                                            shacks or {restaurants} almost always boil there stiffs to supplement any meat being delivered . they have to get rid of the dead one's somehow

                                            1. re: hlerm2

                                              exactly. I always cringe when i see people buying the pre-boiled lobsters at the supermarkets. The ones sitting on the ice with the fish... Bleah!

                                              1. re: hargau

                                                Lobsters are edible for 24 hours after they go stiff....

                                                1. re: galleygirl

                                                  careful time has nothing to do with it. after cooking a stiff, the tail must curl up tight and have some spring to it., no spring DO NOT EAT

                                                  1. re: galleygirl

                                                    Edible, where lobster's concerned and not even considering the price, is not the same as optimal. That's why it always makes great sense to buy them where they'll steam or boil them on the spot for you to go.


                                                    1. re: Harp00n

                                                      I was using "edible' in the sense of not hurting you, to make a point about them not being alive and kicking. I've had worse lobsters that were alive, but had been in the lobster car, or tank so long, that their muscle atrophied.

                                                      1. re: galleygirl

                                                        I understood your point gg but my point is why bother when there's so many better options. Atrophied? Not at any of the several seafooders with whom I choose to spend my hard-earned dollars. As I'm sure you know, a bargain is a bargain is a bargain ain't nescessarily so :-D


                                                        1. re: galleygirl

                                                          Lobster muscle varies at different times of the year- for example, lobsters molt (shed their shells) to grow about once a year, and part of this process biologically is that they shrink their muscle mass so that they can get out of the old shell. So you may have gotton a lobster that was ready to molt, not atrophied from lack of motion or in bad health.

                                                          1. re: Jardinia

                                                            Um yeah, okay, except I have caught and cooked a lot of lobster in my time, and I actually know the difference. Lobster co-ops routinely 'hold' the catch in the cars at times they're waiting for prices to go up, like the holidays, and it can happen then...
                                                            I actually love shedders; you can crack the claws with your hands and eat'em faster!

                                                            1. re: galleygirl

                                                              i'm with yah GG!
                                                              love shedders.
                                                              when i get home with a bag full my fingers will get quite sore parting out 6-12 lobsters.

                                      2. Another vote for either Neptune or B&G, although I lean ever so slightly towards the B&G version. That's probably because I like their homemade slaw and pickles that accompany it. I also have had great lobster rolls at Kingfish Hall.

                                        1. Last year, the best was actually at Kingfish Hall. Better than B&G. Have not yet been this year.

                                          Neptune is great if you want the "Connecticut" style (hot buttered version). I like Blumie's method of consumption for the CT style rolls.

                                          I just had my first lobby roll of the year at James Hook. Good for the price and convenience ($12).

                                          Alive and Kickin': no.

                                          Summer Shack: was so-so, but have read reports since I last had one that sounded better than the one I had. I'm skeptical, but do need to try it again.

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                                          1. re: Alcachofa

                                            I can't get past the coldness of the entire premade sandwich at Hook - the price is lower, but there's not much meat on it, either - and recently the entire place seems to have an unappetizing aroma every time I stop in there - so much so that I have left without buying 2 out of the last 5 times.

                                            1. re: Alcachofa

                                              Three friends and I had lobster rolls from James Hook yesterday and I totally agree - very convenient and reasonably priced (especially since I was treating!). We all thought they were very tasty.

                                              1. re: Alcachofa

                                                Just got back from lunch at Kingfish. The lobster roll is not as good as I remember. I think they’ve tinkered with it a bit. They must have changed it, because, while still very good, better than Legal's or Summer Shack for what that's worth, there is no way I would have walked out of there last year and said “this is the best in Boston” if it were made like today’s.

                                                The lobster element was not dressed as well as I remember. Not overly dressed, but not really that great a dressing; just "good". The bun was still awesome: a buttered and toasted hot dog roll.

                                                Oh, and the price has increased by $2, which is crazy considering (1) the price of lobster these days and (2) the economy generally. So, we’re paying more for a lesser sandwich. Yeah!

                                                The cole slaw and baked beans sides were insipid. The freshly (?) fried chips were inconsistent.

                                                1. re: Alcachofa

                                                  have you checked out Neptune's lately, they have increased about $7 since it was first on the menu.

                                              2. Does anyone remember the name of the place in Winthrop, right over that bridge, that has excellent lobster rolls? I can't remember it now, but that was probably the best lobster roll I've had in Boston. Just huge chunks lobster tail/claw meat, very lightly dressed w/mayo,on a toasted hot dog bun. Was something like $16 and overflowing w/lobster. Not so sure I'd drive out to Winthrop just for that roll if I was visiting Boston, but if I was living here, it'd definitely be in the rotation.

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                                                1. re: twentyoystahs

                                                  That would be Belle Isle Lobster and Seafood. A very nice lobster roll, but a bit of a walk from the blue line if you don't have a car.

                                                  My North Shore Faves:
                                                  Ipswich Clambake: More meat than anywhere else up here, toasted roll, just a little mayo. They will at times make them hot and buttered as well. The Maine crab roll is great too. Best fries by far out of anywhere.

                                                  Clam Box: Decent roll, just mayo. Better in the off season when there is no line. When there is, the roll at Ipswich Clambake is better anyways.

                                                  JT Farnhams: Toasted roll, they do add some lettuce but will hold it if you ask. Otherwise just a little mayo.

                                                  Bob Lobster: A little unusual. The meat is the best out of anywhere. Mostly claw and huge chunks. Tiny bit of mayo, just enough to hold it together. They add celery and lettuce. I have been very disappointed with the buns here, at times soggy. I think they must pre-assemble frequently. On the other hand, it is usually fairly cheap, $12-13. The lobster bisque here is really good too. Can be busy in the summer, but I frequent this place in the late summer/early fall. By that time the plover nesting is over on Plum Island and the fishing gets good from the beach.

                                                  1. re: salemmass

                                                    Bob Lobster will grill the roll...but you have to ask. I find this cuts down on the sogginess factor significantly.

                                                    1. re: salemmass

                                                      Mmmm....I had a Bob's roll last yr...though not a fan of the celery, I remember liking it.

                                                      1. re: salemmass

                                                        Yes, but if you do have a car, i think Belle Isle is the best local (Boston proper) roll for the money...

                                                        1. re: twentyoystahs

                                                          I had the Belle Isle one last year and didn't like it all that much. The meat wasn't SUPER fresh tasting, and was on the tough side. Plus, no ambience in our outside the place to speak of.

                                                          1. re: twentyoystahs

                                                            couple things about Belle Isle....first, it's cash only. Second, I've had pretty tough and ammonia-y lobster there.....

                                                          2. re: salemmass

                                                            I had the opposite problem with the bun at Bob's. Mine was too dry.

                                                            The fish sandwich there is very good.

                                                        2. It's not technically a lobster roll, but the lobster PLT from Dante is outstanding... lightly dressed, tons of lobster meat, and just enough pancetta to add delicious flavor but not overwhelm the lobster itself. Their patio is one of the best in the city... great view, service, and food without the hassle or scene of Newbury. And they accept outdoor reservations.

                                                          1. I really looked forward to a lobster roll a couple of weeks back at my first trip to B&G and found it did not compare that well to the cheap and tasty one from Kelly's. By the way I found the bouillabaisse disappointing at B&G too... The old funny line "the food was not that good and such small portions" kept coming to my mind.

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                                                            1. re: lovethatdirtywater

                                                              Best inexpensive: Courthouse $12
                                                              Best Take-Out: Mercato de Mare $15, Kelly's $17
                                                              Best Overall: Neptune hot w/butter $25

                                                            2. Absolutely Neptune's Oyster lobster Roll. They also have great fried clams with the bellies. The only minus is that they don't take reservations. I make a point of going early around 4 for a late lunch.

                                                              Full pics here:

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                                                              1. re: lizziee

                                                                One thing to beware of with Neptune, unless you take Lizziee's advice and go early, not only will you wait but there is also the strong possibility of hearing "we are out of lobster rolls" once you are seated.

                                                                1. re: lizziee

                                                                  I don't think you need to specify 'with the bellies' for clams in Boston. Any seafood restaurant who only served them without bellies wouldn't last a week.

                                                                  1. re: lizziee

                                                                    I tried a Neptune's the other day. I had a lovely time sitting there for an early lunch, and it was good lobster. The brioche roll wasn't too disconcerting since it seemed like the only way to eat it effectively was with a fork anyway. I think it could have used a tad more claw meat to sweeten it a little. The fries I ate had absolutely nothing to recommend them, and the lemonade I drank was terrible. So it was really good lobster, and a lot of it, a very pleasant, quiet misty day for the meal, and I didn't think it should cost $25. I think I like Red's in ME best, though I couldn't have snuck there for lunch. :)

                                                                  2. I can't believe that nobody's mentioned the Charlie's Kitchen double lobster roll. It's a totally straight-up lobster roll with no pretense, a little mayo and celery, but the lobster's fresh from the tank and the price ($12) can not be beat. They also serve a lobster melt, but that sounds a little over the top to me... lol I'll also say that I love the lobster roll that 'Live N Kickin' makes, while I haven't had it in a year (far too long) the super fresh lobster meat and butter-laden toasted bread is pretty fabulous, especially when you can sit at their picnic table and dig in immediately. Yum! Plus you're supporting a local biz in both cases, which makes it even better IMHO.

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                                                                    1. re: Jardinia

                                                                      You had me until you mentioned celery.

                                                                      1. re: Jardinia

                                                                        Maybe it's just that I hate lobster salad, but I find the Charlie's lobster roll to taste like bread filled with a whole bunch of cold, mayo-y flavorless nothing :(

                                                                        1. re: Jardinia

                                                                          I reported on the lobster roll at Charlie's a while back. Tastes like a celery sandwich to me

                                                                          1. re: Jardinia

                                                                            I have to agree with others that the Charlie's kitchen lobster roll had a lot of mayo and celery and the lobster itself had little lobster flavor. I'm usually all for more is better, and that price can't be beat, but I'm never getting it again. Checked off the list.

                                                                              1. re: galleygirl

                                                                                Agreed! And four gallons of the stuff seems like way too much, even for a roll that big. What I really don't get is the comment about not being able to grill it. As I was reading I thought that they could use a blow torch, and then in the next sentence they mention that they could do it if they could only use a blow torch. Well, why not?!?

                                                                                1. re: galleygirl

                                                                                  The dirty little secret is that LOTS of Mainiacs prefer Miracle Whip in lieu of Cain's or Hellmann's. I guess this is one of those times I'm glad to be branded "a summer complaint" aka "from away".


                                                                                  1. re: Harp00n

                                                                                    That may be...I did work on a schooner for many summers, tho, and we only used mayo. Still, could have been cuz the passengers were "from away"..
                                                                                    I just hate the stuff! My grandmother was known for her poraro salad, which I hated, cuz it was made with, you guessed it, Miracle Whip. I think my mother forced her to 'update' the recipe, becasue she always believes "newer must be better"!

                                                                                    1. re: galleygirl

                                                                                      I'm feelin' it galleygirl, I'm feelin' it!


                                                                                    2. re: Harp00n

                                                                                      Harp. don't get the lobber roll at Jordan's Snack Bar in Ellsworth; a Whipper, but the fried clams are our bench mark. Since '86 I've been trading my ham sandwiches for lobster sandwiches ar lunch at school. These children of lobstermen are happy to trade and, needless to say, so am I. Rarely (never?) hit a Whipper. By the way, I make a mean ham 'wich.

                                                                                      1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                                                        Your nose is gonna grow, Markie, if that's any compensation.
                                                                                        I can dig-up, I'm sure, at least in a couple of those, seemingly endless, lobster roll posting where YOU brought up the subject of SOME natives predilection for that sickeningly sweet, as Traffic would say, Medicated Goo!

                                                                                        Harp :-D

                                                                                        1. re: Harp00n

                                                                                          Only, Jordan's, but I've been lucky or got this 6th sense. goin' to the North Atlantic Blues Festival? We should make an effort to get together this summer, even if we just meet each other half way. If Downeast, let me know.
                                                                                          Doc Markie

                                                                                2. I hit B&G over the weekend with a chowish friend to try the lobster rolls. He had the traditional roll and I had the lobster BLT. My BLT was delicious, if a bit drippy, but his roll was a little skimpy, I must say. Fresh meat, and certainly "enough" but for my money ($10 less as it turns out ; both B&G sandwiches are $27), you can get a perfectly dressed roll at Kelly's. No, you will not be able to enjoy a delicious vouvray with it, or their wacky soundtrack, but I still contend it's the better value. YMMV.

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                                                                                      1. re: yumyum

                                                                                        I agree with all here, including Kelly's. Hooks does have made up lobstah rolls for a bargain price of about 12-13 bucks. One little known gem is the Crabmeat Roll at Kellys. I happen to think crabmeat is sweeter and more flavorful than lobster. But is hard to say which is really my favorite crustacean. But that crabmeat roll is da' bomb. They also have fabulous corned beef sandwiches. They used to be about 2 1/2 inches thick...they are a bit slimmer now, but very good. PS: my mom buys bottled, but gets great mileage ;)

                                                                                        1. re: Buddernut

                                                                                          Which crab roll at Kelly's? I agree, the OLD one was great. Small pieces of lump crab and meat and mayo I believe it was even local-ish or at least 'Maine' crab. Then sometime in the last year and a half or so they went to this King Crab roll. Now it sounds better than it is. I tried it once. Small chunks of king crab legs, some mayo and celery. Just does not hold together well in a roll. And lost a lot of the flavor. I eat at Kelly's much less now that they changed the roll. It was either $10.95 or maybe $11.95 too, so not bad price-wise.

                                                                                          Now if you are looking to replicate the 'old' Kelly's crab roll, Ipswich clambake has them on the weekends, called the Maine crab roll. Even a little thicker with meat than Kelly's was.

                                                                                      2. The two best that no others compare to: The Raw Bar st New Seabury and the Crabby Schack in Plymouth!

                                                                                        1. Note to self: please remember never ever to order another Lobster Roll at Legal Seafood. It looked like lobster, but that was the only similarity. It was super chewy and tasteless. It's never a good thing when the flavour of the mayonnaise, celery and green onion bits take precedence.

                                                                                          1. I've had nothing but great lobster rolls from Belle Isle in Winthrop and The Raw Bar at New Seabury. Both places have done right multiple times. Sesuit Cafe in Dennis and Cafe Alfresco in Brewster are reliable second-place finishers. I miss the lobster rolls from Rachel's Kitchen, but since Rachel's now doing very well with Hungry Mother I can let it go!

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                                                                                            1. re: musicman

                                                                                              Thanks for your brilliant, off the beaten track suggestions. It is always refreshing to see some new suggestions. I have heard that it is worth a trip to Belle Isle for their lobster rolls and that they actually taste like real lobster and not like frozen lobster meat purchased from a wholesaler.

                                                                                              1. re: intheknow

                                                                                                Belle Isle has its charm, but it ain't with the lobster roll. I was there this gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and even with the sun finally shining, the water winking, as glorious a day as one could have, that lobster roll left something to be desired. It's an honest 1/2-lb'er, lightly dressed, but largely 'white meat' with a chew, laying on a leaf of lettuce (!). Onions rings came fresh out the fry, but that thirty second salting window had already elapsed by the time we tried to revive it with a shake.

                                                                                                1. re: Nab

                                                                                                  Sorry - Don't get the "white meat" reference...what do you mean?

                                                                                                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                                                                                    Boiled, boneless, skinless chicken breast of a thing ..... in other words, just some spent tail meat that was probably beyond the help of mayo or butter anyways.

                                                                                                    1. re: Nab

                                                                                                      Stopped in to Durgin Park for lunch - had a lobster roll special, for $19 - decent sized lobster roll, some mayo, lettuce leaf, the lobster was not large chunks - more shredded, but was mostly "red meat" - good flavor - split top grilled/toasted/buttered foot-long hot dog roll, cup of maple baked beans, good, crispy fries, cup of not-too-sweet cole slaw. I enjoyed it. (DCs had poor man's roast beef and broiled fish sandwich, both also met with approval.)

                                                                                                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                                                                                        Guess I should have gone to Durgin Park (or Hook, my standby downtown). Instead, I got sucked into buying what may be one of the *worst* lobster rolls in Boston, which is at Sebastian's. For $12, you get a small-ish portion of lobster salad in a massive, cold, doughy hot dog bun. The lobster meat was tough and industrial-tasting. The seasoning was inoffensive: mayo, roasted corn, and celery. The whole thing was exceedingly bland and poor quality and a major rip-off at $12.

                                                                                                  2. re: Nab

                                                                                                    I got the lobster roll there(Belle Isle) 2 years ago and felt the same way. It was disappointing.

                                                                                              2. I just came from Dante's. I say no on the Lobster BLT. Mediocre at best. Sadly lacking in Lobsteryness. I had it before and it was not too bad, gone downhill in my opinion.

                                                                                                1. I forgot to add. I believe the best Lobster Roll I have ever had was from the Lazy Lobster, 247 Orleans Rd (28) in Chatham. Only open for breakfast and lunch. Call ahead to order at lunch, they tend to run out. We hit in every year during our time down the cape, it always proves to be a winner. Fresh and delicious.

                                                                                                  1. Among the Flowers Cafe in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard is unbelievable. Huge chunks of fresh lobster, very light mayo, great beach sandwich.

                                                                                                    Charlies Kitchen - cheap, loaded with lobster, mayo, celery, and is a great guilty pleasure

                                                                                                    1. Anyone ever had the one at Coolidge Corner Clubhouse? They ALWAYS have a sign ouside about their great ("best") lobster roll but I've never been tempted to go in and try it.

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                                                                                                      1. re: Zatan

                                                                                                        I had it like 5 years ago and didn't think it was anywhere near the best, but details escape me at this point. I seem to remember it being kind of high priced.

                                                                                                        1. re: Joanie

                                                                                                          I have never had it. A DC tied one and seemed pleased last year, but I can't comment beyond that. As for being pricey, it is $19.95.

                                                                                                      2. I posted last week about the $9.25 lobster roll at Sullivan's on Castle Island. Got one for my wife who thought it was good size and pretty tasty. She knows her rolls.

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                                                                                                        1. re: chuck s

                                                                                                          The Dolphin in Natick has excellent lobster rolls which I think are $12.99. They have a special price on Monday's and Tuesday's. It has a huge amount of lobster and is really delicious. I don't like the lobster rolls at Kelly's although I did try one again recently since so many people like them. I still think they are tasteless.

                                                                                                        2. The Stockyard, a steak place, in Brighton serves an awesome lobster roll.

                                                                                                          2 Replies
                                                                                                          1. re: SLL1065

                                                                                                            My bf swears by this roll-Ive always been dubious though. Is it butter based? Mayo based? What makes it so great?

                                                                                                            1. re: fmcoxe6188

                                                                                                              It is mayo based, but just enough to hold everything together but not be overpowering---I really hate mayo, so for me to tolerate it on its own, it has to be minimally used.

                                                                                                              What makes it so great is the generous amount of lobster (at least whenever I've had it, it's been generous).

                                                                                                          2. Tues., I tried the one at Castle Island. Very very good. The roll was perfectly grilled and not greasy and the lobster had just the right anount of mayo. I'm thinking of going again today for one. A good deal for $9.95.

                                                                                                            1 Reply
                                                                                                            1. re: catsmeow

                                                                                                              Damn, I almost got that last Sat. but stuck with the cheeseburger to be safe. Good to know, thanks. That cheeseburger is a thing of beauty in its old school simplicity tho. Frozen flat patty on a grill with a little bit of crust and a good grilled bun, for super cheap.

                                                                                                            2. Neptune and B&G are the obvious choices. If you have time, drive to the Popponossett market in Mashpee...That is truly the best lobset roll period!!

                                                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                                                              1. re: VersysDan

                                                                                                                I love Neptune, but $25 is a bit steep. For $12 Courthouse has a very good roll, although the fries suck.

                                                                                                              2. I had my first lobster roll ever this weekend at Kelly's in Revere. It exceeded all my expectations and was one of the best things I have ever eaten. The roll was perfectly grilled and the lobster was very lightly dressed with mayo and a few celery chunks. Delicious.

                                                                                                                1. After many accolades on this thread, I stopped at the Kelly's in Saugus today for an $18 lobster roll (this includes our new sales tax increase).
                                                                                                                  Although I felt that price was very high, the lobster roll was stuffed with a ton of lobster. It was lightly dressed with mayo and in the standard toasted top split hot dog roll. It was quite delicious. I would get another one sometime except for the sticker shock...this is on the high end of the pricetag for a good lobster roll.

                                                                                                                  4 Replies
                                                                                                                  1. re: bostongal

                                                                                                                    Can you recommend a place for a cheaper lobster roll of similar quality? I think it's pricey but I've not found anything cheaper.

                                                                                                                    1. re: yumyum

                                                                                                                      I haven't found one that's both cheaper and better than Kelly's. Also, I'd put the roll at Tony's Clam Shop in Wollaston Beach as about tied with Kelly's, and the price is the same. Tony's meat is less well-seasoned than Kelly's, but the chunks of meat are bigger. If you just want the great meat, there's Hook's roll, but the bun is untoasted. If you want a large quantity of quality meat and a toasted bun, it seems it's hard to find a great roll for less than $18 within the clutches of Boston, although it sounds like there are some good, cheaper options a bit farther away.

                                                                                                                      1. re: bella_sarda

                                                                                                                        If you guys ever vacation in downeast Maine (That is east of Ellsworth.), let me know. I just posted on the New England board about Tracey's in Sullivan, Me. Two good lobster rolls for $12 and 2 crab rolls for ten, and it's BYOB. A lobster dinner for $7.95 too.

                                                                                                                        1. re: bella_sarda

                                                                                                                          I'll have to try Tony's to see if the $18 is worth it...yes, Maine seems to be cheaper all around for their lobster rolls. I typically pay in the $10 - 14 range for lobster rolls in Maine (in Massachusetts, I think Hingham Lobster Pound is around $14.95 if I remember correctly). Cape Neddick is about $14.95 for enormous roll. I know most lobster rolls are pricey but I just thought $18 was the highest I've seen. Maine lobster rolls seem to be a bit cheaper for about the same amount of lobster as a Kelly's roll.

                                                                                                                    2. I tried the lobster sandwich at Panera last nite and it was okay. $16 or so on baguette type bread. He said it was ciabatta but it sure looked like a baguette. Decent amount of good lobster, a tad too much mayo, comes with chips and you get a cookie for half price with a sandwich. Not a deal but it satisfied the urge.

                                                                                                                      1. FYI - Jimmies, the new ice cream place in Roslindale Village, is selling lobster rolls (supposedly made with fresh lobster they cook themselves) for $9.95. I haven't had one, but my sources tell me they are "pretty good." I don't know any details re mayo, celery, etc, but those seeking cheaper rolls in town should look into it.

                                                                                                                        2 Replies
                                                                                                                        1. re: skordalia

                                                                                                                          Today, I got another lobster roll at Castle Island. it has dropped in price to $9.25 and boy was it good. Very fresh lobster meat and a good portion.. I never really cared for Kellys. Sure, it large, but they use frozen lobster and their price is highway robbery.

                                                                                                                          1. re: catsmeow

                                                                                                                            The best lobster roll is worth the drive to Portsmouth. Head up there, and go to the Wentworth-by-the-Sea in Newcastle. Eat in the marina restaurant or the bar in the main hotel. Lobster roll and fries approx $20.

                                                                                                                            Last time my companion got a bowl of lobster bisque, I got a cup of chowder, and we split a lobster roll. And struggled to finish it. The lobster -- not the roll, fries or coleslaw.

                                                                                                                        2. I was surprised and impressed by the lobster roll at Kimball's Farm (Westford). At $15, it wasn't cheap, but the portion size and the quality was excellent. Rarely does a lobster roll fill me up, but this was composed of tons of lobster -- looked like the meat of a complete 1+ lb. lobster. 2 identifiable claws and lots of chunk tail meat. Just enough mayo to hold it together. Their new snack bar matches their ice cream business model: give more than expected, for the price.

                                                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                                                          1. re: spicyivan

                                                                                                                            Wow-this is good to hear!! Ive been meaning to make my annual "pilgrimage" out there soon-for their ice cream and a little golf- but have always wondered how their "picnic" food is.... Good to hear that that expansion is going well for them. Those Kimball's certainly know their market!

                                                                                                                          2. Answering another thread just prodded my memory about a *really* good lobster roll I had a couple weeks ago and I wish to share that information with you all. The ArtBar in the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge had an awesome twin lobster roll on their lunch menu for $20. That's right folks, you get TWO rolls filled, overflowing with savory lobster meat. I can't say where the meat comes from on the lobster, but it was great all the same. It was served cold with a little lettuce and the lobster meat was lightly dressed with mayo. There was so much, I actually felt uncomfortably full after devouring my meal (doesn't happen often) .