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May 17, 2009 06:36 AM

Outstanding Sichuan in Bensonhurst

Finally made it to Bamboo Pavillion -- 18th ave and 70th street - and it was extraordinary. We got and enjoyed:

Tripe appetizer
dan dan noodles
cold cucumbers
spicy lamb
whole fish in bean sauce
chengdu rabbit
chengdu chicken
homemade sausage
flowered kidney
tea smoked duck
pea shoots sauteed with garlic
pork with straw mushrooms

all was outstanding. really first rate. check it out. support them.

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  1. Sounds fantastic. How was the sichuan peppercorn level? Many of these are dishes I alway order at sichuan restaurants. Do you know what the closest train station is?

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    1. re: prunefeet

      18th Ave stop on N train. Then a five block walk south.

      The peppercorn level was high, but thats because we asked for it extra fiery. I'm told its not as super hot left to their own devices. Outstanding.

      1. re: Wet Towel

        How were the crabs cooked? In hot-pepper broth?

    2. Went there last night. There were five or six tables other occupied (a good sign for them), all with Chinese eaters, mostly families. And every table was eating hot pot which seems to be their new special. The liquid was in a stainless steel unit with a gas flame below. And they gave you a plate of various items to dip. It is all you can eat (they'll bring out as many plates as you wish, but there is a $5 surcharge if you leave a lot over). It's $15.95 weekdays, $18.95 weekends. Their menu is overwhelming (especially for two people), between the large English language menu, a several page picture menu, and the flip over picture cards on the table. We had the Chengdu Cold Noodle, tasty enough but otherwise dry and not spicy at all, a wonderful spicy tender sliced lamb dish with the heat coming from the Sichuan peppercorns (no chili peppers); and a sesame fish filets with a plump juicy fried white fish pieces served in the kind of red sauce that is often cloyingly sweet but whose sugar level here was just right. This place is still a winner. With two tsing daos, the bill was way under $50 with tax and tip.

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      1. re: bobjbkln

        What part of their menu is included in the all you can eat? Are there any exceptions?

        1. re: LostDiner

          Just the hot pot, not the other dishes.