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May 17, 2009 05:24 AM

Favorite Street Food Worldwide

I love street food. Hot dog cart, taco trucks, fry shacks; you name it, I love it. What are your favorites and where?
Some of mine: Taco trucks in Austin, in search of the holy pastor; fry shacks here in Maine for the perfect full-bellied fried clam; hot dog wagons in the east; hot dogs in Norway w/ a heaping mound of shrimp salad, shrimp stands for a cone full of sweet North Atlantic shrimp; sausage wagons in Helsinki for a liha piraka w/ 2 nakki ( a meat filled deep fried dough cut open on the end and stuffed w/ 2 hot dogs); road side pork sandwiches, anticuchos (bbq chicken hearts), grilled iguana and chicha in Bolivia; fish and chips in the old newspaper cone in the UK; blatidos, cerviche and chicharone in Costa Rica; and gyros anywhere. And more I can't remember. I can't wait for Korea this summer!

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  1. you're a well traveled chowhound, passa! didn't know street food was big in norway. thought it'd be too cold for street vendors to stay outside, for much of the year.

    a few of mine:

    -- xiamen spring rolls (non fried rice crepes filled with julienned cucumber, herbs, pork, sometimes oysters) in xiamen, china
    -- jiang bing (millet flour crepes with a lightly scrambled egg, cilantro, chives, brown sauce, rolled around a crispy cracker) in shanghai
    -- takoyaki in osaka
    -- curry wurst in berlin
    -- hainanese chicken rice in singapore
    -- halal chicken rice in nyc
    -- bhel poori from a chaatwallah in delhi
    -- aloo tikki, fresh fried, at a stand set off from a deserted stretch of beach in goa
    -- farinata in rome (it's actually a northern italian specialty, but the first time I tried it was in rome)

    ... and finally, two food items that are common around the world: french fries and grilled corn. i've had them everywhere from baja california to chennai and they were almost always wonderful.

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    1. re: cimui

      BBQ chicken on a stick & sticky rice in Laos
      Sausage or dried beef & sticky rice, Laos
      Breakfast tamales in Mexico & Guatemala
      Tacos at night in Mexico
      Chicken piri piri on a stick in Mozambique
      Banh mi in southern Vietnam
      Saise in Tarija, Bolivia
      Balut and BBQ chicken feet, Philippines
      Deep fried sparrow & grilled rice field rat, Burma
      Mutton on a stick & flatbread, outside of Lahore
      Hot dogs, Ottawa

    2. raw oysters in the latin qrt of Paris
      conck salad or fritters in bahamas
      beinets in New Orleans

      1. Peking: muslim lamb skewers
        Chengdu: skewers anything really
        Lhasa and other Tibetan enclaves in China: chips/fries, spiced (savoury) flat breads over coals
        Vietnam: just about anything really. i love it!
        Bolivia: salteƱas!!!
        Germany: nothing is above the glorious bratwurst [however, in Munich... leberkaes on keizer roll]
        Portugal: porkchop in a roll/bun from the trailer at the beach.
        Belgian coast: whelk soup in a styrofoam cup. [and of course real chips which were actually invented by the Belgs]
        HK: skewered beef or fishballs
        can no longer remember Malaysia and Singapore street food but then i don't think there's any real street food in SIN.

        can't wait until december!

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        1. re: Pata_Negra

          I thought of saltenas, but I always ate them in a cafe w/ a good cup of coffee.
          Nathan's hot dogs and wursts in NYC (chestnuts too).
          Meat on a stick in Seoul & fried grubs.
          Frito pies in the bag in New Mexico
          Lobster, crab, clam, shrimp and scallop rolls here in Maine.

          1. re: Pata_Negra

            the hawker's market in Singapore, it may not be "on the street" but it seems to qualify to me... or is it not there any more?

          2. I love sausages.

            Kasekrainer in Vienna. Interestingly, there was a kasekrainer stand in the middle of Singapore's Chinatown. Kasekrainer and a chilled young coconut is a great combo!

            Taiwanese sausages. Either the simple ones you eat with a few pieces of raw garlic or the ones they score and then cover in minced raw garlic.

            1. New herring quqy side in Den Hague, Netherlands.
              Do tapas in a bar in Spain count?

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              1. re: Passadumkeg

                I was wondering the same thing about tapas in a bar. I was also wondering, does food eaten at various outdoor markets count? Such as the Boquieria in Barcelona, or various outdoor markets in France? I do a lot of eating in markets.

                1. re: moh

                  Yes, fish stew for breakfast at Los Posos market in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
                  Wurst and a round roll in Frieberg