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May 17, 2009 01:56 AM

Hong Kong: 3 nights in December

Just about to embark on a research project to plan our stopover in HK in December. First and foremost, I need to book a family-friendly, relaxing hotel for 3 nights. We love to eat, so would want to be located near some prime eating spots !! I have done a superficial scanning of the boards here, and am already excited by the prospect of top-notch char siu and dim sum. We want to concentrate on Cantonese food, maybe any other regional Chinese cuisine that Hong Kong does particularly well. Not interested in European or Indian cuisine. We are travelling from London, do not speak or read any Cantonese and would give up ambience in favour of great food as long as we can bring the toddler along. Please tell me where I should book a hotel to optimise the HK chowhounding experience!

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  1. Wan Chai or Causeway bay on the Hong Kong side
    TST, Jordan or Mong Kok on Kowloon side.

    1. I would recommend the YMCA hotels - either in Wanchai or next to the Peninsula hotel in Kowloon for rooms - but book earliest and go ahead and pay. They are all clean, modern, have good facilities, and are within walking or ferry distance to whatever food you wish to try. But the "secret" of the YMCA hotels is well-known - if there is an Expo or some type of holiday in China, they are booked solid.

      As to Cantonese food - the best is inland from the Star Ferry in Kowloon. Just walk into the off-alleys from Canton Road. If you want to ride the Metro even further into MongKok.
      Ask at the YMCA hotel and they'l steer you in the right direction.

      In Wanchai, you will find all sorts of Cantonese food - as well as about anything else you might care to sample - Pub food / French / Italian / Mexican / the list just goes on.

      You are never far away from any type of food in Hong Kong, dear.


      1. Thanks, Charles and HH, I am trying to book a harbour-view room at the YMCA in Kowloon. Then will start the chowhounding research in earnest.