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Charm City Burger Company, Boca

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Fantastic Burger in Boca, on Hillsborough east of Federal. just before the Cove.


The menu on the site is old and they offer a few specialties not listed there.

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  1. Charm City is in Deerfield Beach, not Boca. I agree their burgers are good. The fresh-cut fries are fantastic.

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      sorry, I live in Parkland. what do i know of boundries way out east. fries are good but i think the onion rings are thick, solid and yummy. i also LOVE the deep fried oreos on vanilla ice cream. we also got a complementary taster of the chocolate milk shake. the taster was huge!!! and delish!

    2. Seems like every review I've read on this place is positive. Might try to check it out today and let you know what I think.

      Another good burger I've found is at blue anchor in delray beach. Nice juicy and cooked to perfection.

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        Went here today. Had the cowboy burger and it was very good. Worth checking out if you're in the area. But I don't think I'll be driving down there often to get burgers.

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          I have to say the burger is great there and the fries and onion rings are great too. I think it is at least as good as joe allen in miami beach. This place exceeded my expectations.

      2. Was up North today and made a pit stop on the way home at Charm City Burger co. I was underwhelmed by their burger. It was good but not great. Don't think it's worth making a special trip for.

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          I would never call myself a burger connoisseur and I don't think any burger is really worth traveling for but I like the place alot. Small place, no wait, and the staff is really friendly. Sweet Potato fries are also great and their Mobster burger is killer. I have not had better burgers in the area but I admit I haven't gone to any other places. Who do you think is better in the area? Le Tub? 5 Brothers? Jack's? I value your opinion and would be interested in checking out your recommendation.

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            Char-Hut, Five Guys, Jack's Old Fashion, Kingdom, Le Tub, Red Light sleeper- Kelly's Landing in Ft. Lauderdale (haven't had one in a few months though)

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              Raboi - if you find yourself in Boca try The Lodge on Federal just south of Palmetto (http://www.thelodgeboca.com/ ). They serve a fresh ground 8 oz. burger and do a nice job cooking it the way you order it. The cole slaw and sweet potato fries are very good and they make their own potato chips which are excellent. They also offer a selection of over 100 beers including over 20 on tap.

              Go for lunch and get the burger and a side for $6.99 instead of the regular $9-$10 bucks.

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                Hey Rick, Chow, and Raboi,

                If it's not too much of a trek for you, I think you would really enjoy the burger at Brother Tuckers in Pompano Beach. It's a Belgian beer bar with a monastery theme off A1A and Atlantic Blvd. The burger they always have on the menu is a spicy pepper jack burger with salsa (more like a sofrito) and jalapenos. It sounds busy, but it's a fantastic burger; the beef is amazingly juicy and cooked perfectly. I personally found the burger and atmosphere to be much better than the Lodge, which I did like as well.

                If you're ever in the mood for a really far crawl, try Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs. They make my favorite burger around here, bar none. Again, it has toppings and such, which might turn off people just looking for that fresh-ground beef flavor. But how can you not want to eat this?:


                Hungry now!

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              I went last week after reading all the good things on these boards and I, too, was underwhelmed. The burger was cooked perfectly, but it lacked the wow factor that everyone seemed to be writing about. I made the trip from West Palm too and wouldn't do it again. If I was in the area and needed some eats, I would probably go back though. The volcano wings were really good. Chargrilled with a unique vinigar sauce. I would definitely get them again. Next time I may try the volcano burger which has the sauce on it.

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                is the burger griddled (flat grill) or grilled over a flame...i'm a griddled fan...thanks

            3. I had the wings for lunch today. They were outstanding. I loved the char, and unlike most wings I thought these were best without sauce.

              1. That was then, this is now. The first time we ate at this restaurant there were some problems - stoner/cashier completely missed one out of four orders, and they were out of Kobe beef, but the food was great. Second time we had the Kobe and it was delicious. Tonight we had the stoner/cashier again and she ripped us off - $54 for two burgers, basket of sweet potato fries, a beer & a kid's chicken fingers with a shake - I figure a good $10 more than it should have been.

                Then the fun began. My burger was served raw on a bloody bun. I sent it back and it came back cold, sent it back again and instead of starting over and cooking it properly, they just cooked the crap out of it until it looked like the bottom of a shoe, completely ruined a Kobe burger.

                When I went to return it to the stoner/cashier, she said that Kobe is always served medium rare. Yet she asked how I wanted it cooked when I ordered, and I said medium. Why bother if a. they don't know what medium rare is and b. they were going to cook it how they wanted, not how I ordered. Either way, it was completely undercooked.

                I remember stoners from the 60's & 70's and they were always happy, kind & peace loving. This girl was ditzy and nasty, not a great combination. She never put the order in for my daughter's shake, and when she asked for it, she was asked for more money. She was smart enough to say it was already paid for, so they made it for her & she loved it. That's why they get 1 star, for the shake. The chicken looked extremely dry, and the "honey mustard" that came with it was basically just mustard.

                The first review I read of this restaurant talked about how they "hooked up with the duo's other venture, K&G Meats, to provide the blend of fresh-ground brisket and chuck that makes its way into the burgers each day." All I know is when I returned my burger the second time to the kitchen, I saw them pulling pre-formed hamburger patties out of a box.

                My first assumption was the they got a new chef, or maybe even new owners but the place is only a year old. All in all, a major disappointment.

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                  I just had lunch there again and it was awesome.

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                    I started this thread. I am a big fan of the place but I have to say that at my last visit in late January, the food taste/quality was still awesome but the service sucked and they screwed up our order multiple times.

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                      Yeah, I ate there on Sunday and it was still great. It was slow, but the service was friendly and we didn't have issues with mistakes with our order.

                  2. Went back last night. Wow was the place packed. Every table. Completely different experience then last month. Burgers flying out of the kitchen and never saw one complaint. Service was great. No bitchy women. Lots of shake orders though and the guy making the shakes was really backed up.

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                      I got there about 6:15 this evening and the place was kind of busy. They had just one guy behind the counter, taking orders and making shakes. By 6:45 the place was freaking slammed. I'm talking about every table full and at least 30 people on line. I was surprised to see how many people just came for shakes. I have never had one because I can't eat a burger, fries and have room for a shake but they must be outstanding if people just drive over for them. That same guy was doing everything by himself but he stayed calm and to my surprise nobody was complaining and nobody walked out. The burgers and fries were great and they're worth the 25 minute ride I take to get there so I guess people don't mind waiting. When we left there were long lines from both the front and rear doors and I kept thinking that would be in deep doo if a fire marshal walked in

                    2. Was just there, it was good, but i'd give it maybe a 7 outta 10. Had cowboy style. Paled in comparison to Brass Ring up in West Palm. As did the wings, for that matter. Won't be back soon.

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                        Brass ring is a institution of Goliath legend great food little tiny kitchen amazing

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                          I was at Charm City for lunch today and while I wouldn't put it on the same level as The Brass Ring, or Fish Tales I found the burger and onion rings to be of top quality for flavor, prep, and definitely for the value. Case in point: I paid two bucks more for a sub, a bag of chips, and a drink at a place around the corner from Charm City just last Thursday and it wasn't nearly as good.

                          IMHO Charm City is better than Le Tub, very different than Jack's, and just not on the same playing field as The Brass Ring, Fish Tales, or The Rolling Stove for that matter. In other words, worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood but not road trip material.



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                            Where is Fish Tales located? Never mind, just saw your link :)

                        2. We ate there last night for the first time and I was completely underwhelmed.

                          1) I ordered my burger "under" which I assume is rare from the description. I got it medium well. ugh.
                          2) It took 20 mins to get a burger when there were only four tables full in the place.
                          3) Most egregiously, after I ordered, I decided to go to the bathroom, use the facilities and wash my hands, since you know, I was eating a burger with them. Their only washroom was out of order, and the cashier told me to walk to Publix.

                          Sorry, I won't eat a place that has no sanitary facilities. And I definitely won't eat at a place that can't cook a rare burger.

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                            I would encourage you to give Charm City a second chance. I have been visiting regularly since 2009, wash my hands religiously both before AND after eating my meal and have yet to find the facilities unusable or unsanitary. Most any public place with only a single restroom might perhaps have plumbing issues or a broken sink from time to time. It is unfortunate that you happened to visit on one of those times. I do think they are aware of some of their facility (and perhaps staffing) inconsistencies and will hopefully be addressing these with the upcoming remodeling. I hope you will give it another try, as decent Mom and Pop places are so few and far between in this town, and this one does deliver a consistently high quality product at a very good value.