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May 16, 2009 08:07 PM

Seeking kosher caterer in Philadelphia

Need a reasonably priced kosher caterer in the Philie area for a Sheva Brachos. Some guests have very stringent kashrut standards.

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  1. Maybe this will work for your needs: I have enjoyed everything I have tried there and the prices seem reasonable too.

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      Finally! At least one response. Thanks.

    2. Try Max and Davids. I've never had their catering, but the restaurant is great, so I assume the catering should be the same.

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        agreed- the restaurant is awesome and the owner is very willing to please

        1. Reasonably priced is a judgement call, but Betty the Caterer has excellent food and service. Used them for a Bat Mitvah and was very impressed.

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            Betty did the "Jewish Heritage" night at the Phillies last summer. The food was AWFUL! The kinishes had obviously been frozen and reheated as they had that nasty "left in the freezer too long" taste. The hotdogs were horribly burned, the desserts were pre packeaged by Betty and had HANNUKAH stickers on the bags. I dunno, I could possibly be worng, but I have never heard of Hanukkah falling anywhere near August!
            My husband and I sat at the picnic tables right by the Kosher stand attempting to enjoy our food and we noticed that there were virtually no customers there who appered to be observant (ie: women in skirts and modest dress and few if any kippahs on any men's heads) yet there were MANY such fans at the game. We sat there for a long time as we went to the game very early. It made me wonder if Betty's standards are not accepatable by the more observant.
            I could never use Betty after that fiasco!

          2. Axelrod food designs did a great job with our son's bris with a great spread of nice bagels, lox (very high quality lox) and other fish, and good quiches. I think they do a lot of delivery platters. Their website shows a menu with extensive hot entrees as well.

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              I don't see any Kashrut certification at all mentioned on the site for Axelrod. Am I missing something?

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                Out of curiosity (since I'm not in the Philly area), I looked at the site. They do have some sort of certificate posted, but it expired June 2008. It was from a Conservative group called The Rabbinical Assembly, Mid-Atlantic Region. The Rav I use for kashrut questions nixxed that agency.