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Falafel in Somerville?

Well, usually I stop by the Falafel King at downtown crossing, when I'm in Boston. But is there anywhere in Somerville to get a good falafel? Or should I consider starting up a falafel stand myself?

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  1. The only place I know is SoundBites in Ball Square (and their takeout/delivery place across the street). Yassir, the owner, is Syrian and his falafel is pretty decent (they have a Middle East combo plate that I get pretty frequently for lunch, and falafel and other types of sandwiches as well).

    1. Just outside of Somerville, on Mass. Ave. near Porter Square, is Cafe Barada. Their falafel is very good, and I'm pretty sure they have takeout.

      1. Not quite Somerville, but Moody's Falafel Palace is in Central Square. I've been meaning to check it out.

        Moody's Falafel Palace
        25 Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

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          Moody's is rather good, plus it's open late (1am early in the week, and 3am towards the end). Nearby is the Middle East. And in Harvard Square is Sabra.

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            Not a big fan of the falafel @ Sabra. They reheat it instead of making it fresh to order.

        2. Again, not quite Somerville, but Singabella Cafe has wonderful falafel (I believe, homemade, actually). They also make an interesting sweet mint tea.

          It's along Mass Ave in Cambridge at Trolley Square (right along the Linear Park/Community Path).

          Singabella Cafe
          2401 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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            Can second Singabella - they have the green falafels - yummy!

          2. Also not in Somerville, but in Cambridge there are two places that have excellent falafel wraps - Cafe Kiraz at Hampshire and Columbia and Kolbeh of Kabob at Cambridge Street and Highland Ave.

            1. Also not in Somerville (see a theme here?), but the Clover Labs food truck in Kendall makes an excellent falafel-like chickpea fritter sandwich.

              The falafel at Yasser's middle eastern place (something on Broadway, I forget the name) in Ball Square is okay. Not worth a special trip, though.

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                Sound Bites (Ball Square, Broadway). We had their platter with baba ganoush, falafel and chicken the other day for lunch and were not wowed by any of the components. I recommend sticking to their more breakfasty offerings.

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                  I'm thinking of the place across the street. Name escapes me. Also part of Yasser's mini-empire, but more focused on middle eastern stuff. I have enjoyed their baba ghanoush myself. However, Soundbites and the middle eastern place share chefs so I would assume if it's bad felafel on one side of the street, it will be so on the other.

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                    Oh, yeah- I know what you mean. Obviously, not only did the name escape me as well, the whole place has managed to escape my general eating radar.

              2. In a pinch, there's a pizza joint right in Union Square, next to Precinct. It has lousy pizza, but decent falafel.