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May 16, 2009 07:51 PM

Otter Cove formerly Vinnies- Old Saybrook

This restaurant has been opened about a month, in the same location as Vinnies. We had reservations for 19 guests at 7pm this evening. It took thirty minutes for the appetizers to come to the table. The "fiery" calamari lacked heat and taste. Bland and soggy.
My beau's appertizer, "Tex Mex Bites" were tasty and crisp. Good thing he enjoyed them, as he never did get his entree.
My brother's clam chowder was ok.
Approx thirty minutes later our salads came out. Several came out wrong.
The entrees took forever and came out sporadically. The guests who ordered sea bass were served first, approx 5 minutes later those of us who ordered fried seafood were served. Twenty minutes later the filet came out. My beau's chicken entree never arrived at the table. After the filet was served, he was promised it would be next. Five minutes later the server came to the table and announced his entree was given to a different patron. The order was cancelled, he would skip an entree.
My brother and I had fried whole belly clams. They were greasy and tasteless.
The waiter was apologetic and embarrassed. He assured us the manager would come to our table. He also said coffees and desserts would be on the house. He offered cheesecake, chocolate cake and creme broulee. Apparently too many people wanted the creme broulee because the waiter came back and announced the kitchen only had two servings left. Dinner was over by 10 (yes, 3 hours later).
The manager never came. The issue was not pushed. This was a family celebratory dinner and no one wanted it ruined. Several guests were from out of state, however my beau and I live ten minutes away. You can be assured we will not go back nor recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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  1. What a shame--especially since (a) it was a family celebration and (b) there are so many other delicious dining options in and around OS. We actually tried to get to Liv's Oyster Bar tonight, but the only times they had open were too early or too late. In retrospect, I wish we had just taken the later reservation since I've heard good things about Liv's.

    Tonight was apparently a bad night for wasting money, time and calories. Sorry you were in on it, too!

    1. Have you tried The Back Porch on Ferry Road? We were there last week and loved it. The food and service were great (although we were only a group of six) but from what I could see everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the place was hopping. It's a shame for you because this was a special occasion for you and your family. I have had the same experience in the past and it's always disappointing.
      FYI - if you live in the area, there is also music at The Back Porch on the weekends. I just signed up for their updates at "". You should check it out.

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        I went to eh back porch several times last summer

        the food is not that great - its "OK" as far as some other great places you can get food to eat on t eh shoreline - but def passable if slightly overpriced for the quality you get

        but the music and the crowd make up for it - -

        and the service is always friendly - but service pace is def hit or miss -

        if it is crowded on a music nite - be prepared to wait for your food

        as long as you are out on a nice nite on the deck - enjoy it !

      2. Liv's I would NOT recommend. They are way overpriced and the food is not great by any means. If you are on Main Street in the OS area, I would say try Jacks Steakhouse! I have never had a poor appetizer, drink, dinner or dessert from there! And Jack, the owner and chef, will prepare your meals to your liking. I have gluten allergies and he always custom makes my meal, along with any one else!

        I have eaten at Otter Cove a few times now and haven't had a poor experience yet. I am sorry to hear that you did!
        I have had their clam chowder and thought it was decent and pretty much the same as anywhere on the shoreline. Another time, I sat in the bar area and had their boursin chicken entree with the mushroom cognac sauce on the side, which was awesome. I higly recommend it. It came with their house salad, so not too sure how one can screw that up and warm fresh bread. To finish up the meal, for dessert I had their chocolate cake, which was excellent. I know that all their desserts are made right there on the premise.
        Its unfortuante that you did not have a great experience at Otter Cove as I am sure you probably will not return, but I would try it again once summer gets rolling and they've been open for a bit longer. Most nice dinners in a restuarant where there are courses serve do take about 2.5-3 hours, or maybe I am just use to the nicer places in Greenwich an NYC.
        I will say the highlight of my visits have been in the bar area and talking with the fun bartenders who are super friendly, attentive and go out of their way to please their guest and make conversation with ones who want to talk to a nice face!

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          Went with family today for Father's Day and joined Chowhound just so I could write this review, I was that underwhelmed. We also tried the "firecracker" calamari which was not even remotely spicy. It was, as sallyct described, bland and soggy. It tasted like it had general tso's sauce on it. The calamari itself was not cooked properly, it was mushy and stringy and the sauce made the whole thing slimy. I considered it inedible. The one thing I did like very much was the artisan bread/bruschetta (can't remember the exact name - it was an appetizer). Very tasty. Crisp pita-ish bread, roasted veggies on top, with some kind of balsamic? reduction drizzled over top.
          My father had the sea bass which he said was okay but would not order again. My mother had the chicken boursin which she ate half of and took the rest home, so she obviously liked it. My husband and I both had the ahi tuna with crab and asparagus risotto, with which we were both very disappointed. The tuna was a fairly thin steak (we were expecting a nice thick cut) and overmarinated in what tasted like bottled terikayi sauce. The risotto, which wasn't AWFUL, was served lukewarm and that made the creamy sauce taste and look a little like mayo. Anyhow, speaking of bottled sauces (which our waitress suggested was used for the calamari), that is the answer to the question of how a chef can mess up a salad. Our house salad greens and vegetables were fresh, but the dish was ruined by the bottled, sweet dressing they used. I've had better dressings from those packets you get at your work cafeteria. And seriously, how difficult is it to make a dressing from scratch? I find it inexcusable for a restaurant to use bottled. And I admit, I'm making an assumption. If it wasn't bottled and that was homemade, it needs work.

          The service was good, we did not have to wait long for our meals (although I don't mind waiting and find sometimes it enhances the experience to wait a bit between courses) and our waitress, Lindsay, was very nice.

          I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone nor would I return.

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            Try Liv's Oyster Bar. Not sure what the poster above you is talking about--we went recently and enjoyed everything we had (including drinks and the service). Here are several reviews of Liv's:

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            Well, I have had good meals at both Liv's and Jack's, and would not call Liv's overpriced. And the Back Porch, though not in their league, has a nice view and the food is ok.

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