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May 16, 2009 07:17 PM

Chuy Bakery/Panaderia off Ohlen and 183

I discovered a new panaderia tucked into the corner shopping center off Ohlen and 183 this morning. They just opened and are wonderful! I loaded up on empanadas, a chocolate pastry type thing, and a loaf of fresh baked bread an didn't spend more than $4.00. They also sell coffee, breakfast tacos, tortas, and wonderful looking slices of cake. I feel like I am back in San Antonio! The address is 8716 Research Blvd.

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  1. I live less than a block away from Chuy's and I can't say enough. The pastries, coffee, gelato, tacos and sandwiches are all great. I enjoy their single serving Tres Leches cups.

    1. cant wait to try it as it sounds alot like juarez bakery here in round rock.

      1. Every weekday morning, I pass by Foodheads on Guadalupe. For the past several years, I have seen trucks for New World Deli or Mandola's out front, and i assumed these trucks were delivering bread. Today, it was a Chuy's Panderia truck making a delivery to Foodheads. So, (I am guessing) if you don't make it out to Chuy's maybe you can try their bread on a Foodheads sandwich. Can't wait to see if it's good.

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          In an earlier post about Fricano's Deli, the owners said they get their bread from Panaderia Chuy as well:

          It's really good stuff. I need to hit up the actual bakery soon. Maybe this weekend...

        2. I've stopped here several times now. With it being right across the street from El Regio, a chicken and pastry run is becoming a common occurrence at our house. Everything I've tried has been really good and cheap.

          1. Great find - thanks for the recommendation.

            I dropped in around 7PM on Thursday and there was plenty of bread and it appeared they were still preparing and baking fresh bread. (Very different from other bakery experiences at this hour). I purchased an assortment of breads and pastries.

            The sweet potato empanada was the star - I will be returning very soon just to procure a few more of these exquisite mosels. I'm no empanada connoisseur (I do fondly remember The Empanada Parlour), but this version has a soft crust lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar and a smooth pumpkiny/sweet potato filling.The cheese empanada was very good - it was sort of a smooth ricotta cheese filling. The bolillo rolls were really a revelation - the rolls are generously sized, the crust is lightly crunchy, more like a french bread than an Italian loaf and these rolls actually had some FLAVOR!
            I think I picked up 7 items and I spent less than $5

            This place is good even for less adventurous 'hounds as it was very clean and this gringo was offered help 2 times during my 5 minute visit... and you may need a little help as there were no labels on any of the pastries on my visit