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May 16, 2009 06:48 PM

moderately priced restaurant near Kimmel Center

We're sending my dad to an orchestra concert for his birthday. We're interested in throwing in dinner, but cost is definitely a limiting factor. All the restaurants we know and love in that part of town are pricey. Are there any reasonably priced options nearby where they can get a nice meal and bottle of wine?

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  1. What price range are you in?

    I favor the Warsaw Cafe on 16th below Pine for a pleasant dinner with a Continental feel.

    Recently, I made the borscht from the menu on their Web site. Yum!!

    1. La Viola is my favoritre pre-theater spot. Delicious italian food, it is a BYO so you will need to bring a bottle, but that also keeps costs down. It gets crowded so if you go, its best to go early pre-theater especially if you have a big party (and call ahead to arrane it). There are two restaurants, La Viola and La Viola West (across the street). I prefer La Viola West.

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        Ditto - my recommendation exactly!

      2. We go to the orchestra almost every weekend, so we are familiar with all the surrounding restaurants.

        Our favorite BYOB is Branzino, on 17th St. just a few doors north of Spruce. This is just 2 and a half blocks from the Kimmel Center. The food is delicious, with lovely ambience and good service.

        We like La Viola West, but it is more hectic and often a bit rushed. It is more reasonably priced. The old La Viola has a horrendous noise level; West is better.

        For a good meal at a restaurant with a bar, I would recommend McCormick and Schmick's, across from City Hall. This would be 4 blocks away, which might be too far.
        Although it is a chain, the seafood and fish are always fresh and good. I will be posting a recent review shortly. If your folks like fish, there are many, many appetizing choices.

        Estia, on Locust St., is very lovely and has a prix-fixe - either $30 or $35. However, you can't very well tell them they have to order the prix-fixe and the drink prices are high.

        The best buys are the BYOB's. Perhaps you can give them a nice bottle of wine to take with them.

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations. Keep them coming! My dad does enjoy fish and seafood, but it's not a requirement. I guess we hadn't really decided on a price range. We wanted to get a feel for our options. I'll pay a little more to get a good restaurant, but I can't go too overboard right now. the BYOs may be a great way to control costs.