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May 16, 2009 06:38 PM

Restaurant to watch fireworks from

My husband and I are going to Seattle for 4th of July, we will not have a car and we will be staying at the Westin. Are there any decent restaurants we can watch the Lake Union fireworks from? How about Salty's?

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  1. Saltys is in West Seattle. Not a very good spot to see the Lake Union fireworks from. At this late date, it might be tough to get reservations at any spot with the view you are looking for. You might try Daniels or the Space Needle.

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    1. re: bobert1006

      I can't find any info for this year's fireworks. When I go to the Space Needle's website, I can't find any info re: the 4th. The same for the restaurants around Lake Union, at least the ones I have looked at.

      1. re: BelleM77

        If you mean the Ivar's fireworks on Elliot Bay, they're cancelled this year:

        1. re: BelleM77

          Maybe they've been booked for 6 months for the 4th, so they don't put anything on their website.
          I wonder how the Space Needle would work. It's a revolving restaurant--what if your table has revolved away from Lake Union at 10:20 when the fireworks start?

          1. re: christy319

            I was able to get an 8:30 reservations at McCormick and Schmicks. If I can't see the fireworks from our table, I figure we can go outside when we are done eating. It's not my first choice, but it'll do.

            1. re: BelleM77

              You might want to try Eastlake Bar and Grill. They fireworks are at Gasworks Park, right? You'd definitely be able to see them from there. It's not the greatest food but it has a great view.