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May 16, 2009 06:07 PM

Need ideas for birthday dinner, MSP

A group of friends and I get together for a restaurant dinner for our birthdays. Recent picks include Sanctuary (not overly impressed), Red Stag (pretty good), Saffron (amazing). I am supposed to pick a place for me but I am not sure what to choose; I have two little kids and rarely visit restaurants without high chairs anymore.

I love Mexican food, Middle Eastern food, upscale American, Indian and seafood. Am not a huge fan of Vietnamese. My only other requirement is that the place take reservations because I am paying a sitter by the hour ;).

Any recs? We'd prefer Mpls or St. Paul as we all live in one city or the other and don't want to trek to the suburbs.


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  1. my fast rec would be 112 eatery (it's across the street from saffron)

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    1. re: soupkitten

      If you want the 112, make a reservation soon. But yeah, it certainly would be recommended.

      Gandhi Mahal would be a good pick, but doesn't have a liquor license yet.

      Duplex has good, affordable food in a low-key setting.

      Longfellow grill seems like a fun place for a birthday party.

    2. Masa, The Strip Club, 112