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May 16, 2009 06:03 PM

La Veranda opening @ Royal York & Bloor

A new restaurant called La Veranda Osteria is opening in the former Cru location. It's a family restaurant and the lunch menu has several choices for $8.95. The dinner menu looked pretty reasonable too. They open on Tuesday, May 19.

A few blocks away, on Bloor east of Royal York, an Open Window bakery has also opened. There's a lot of seating space.

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  1. There's a new owner and chef at Henry VIII, they are doing good gastro-pub fare and they have gotten rid of the white ATM!

    1. I think the bakery you're referring to is actually Hot Oven Bakery( a second location of the Cloverdale Mall one). Popped in this a.m and grabbed a loaf of their fig,walnut & raisin bread...very nice toast for breakfast! Place looks quite cozy with seating and espresso drinks,coffee etc. Probably do well in that nabe.

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      1. re: Michelle in T.O.

        I've tried La Veranda a couple of times and I think they're quite reasonable for the price point (as opposed to Cru). Good selection of pastas and seafood with decent wines (some by the glass). Definately a cut above places like Tony Pistola's and Plum Tomato's. The service is quite friendly. Would be a good place for the family or for a not so fancy date night. Not a special destination, but a solid neighbourhood joint.

        As for the Hot Oven Bakery, I love this place, especially for lunch. Very good sandwiches and salads, they make ok macciatos and the bread is quite tasty - I just wish they took credit cards (debit or cash only...I keep forgetting). The Kingsway strip will definately benefit from both of these additions.

        Next, to try 1800 degrees just west of Royal York...

        1. re: DDD

          I just looked at the menu for 1800 degrees and noticed that they only use beef from the U.S. That kind of turns me off. What's wrong with Canadian beef and supporting our farmers???

          1. re: Marniee

            We've had highly unpleasant experience in La Veranda. The servers are simply obnoxious, not friendly, and not caring at all. When we informed one of them that we are leaving because we are not happy, he just laughed and didn't even ask what made us so unhappy! We managed to order drinks only, paid for them and left - they did not make any money on us and they will NEVER make any money on us in the future!
            Since nobody cared why we were so unsatisfied, they obviously are not interested in improving their service. Shame!

            1. re: polar dragon

              Polar Dragon, that's too bad about your experience at La Veranda. I have been 3x now after a recommendation from a friend.
              We live in the neighbourhood and we were thrilled with somewhere to go locally that was good and not too expensive. Being Italian, I have not enjoyed the food at all at other places like Plum Tomato. Vibo is great but a bit pricier.

              What my husband and I have found at La Veranda is the wine prices are excellent, the food is very tasty and plentiful (7 huge shrimp for a $9 appetizer!) and authentic Italian. All three times we were served very fast, to the point where it was almost rushed. When I went for an earlier Sat night dinner we were out of there in an hour after appetizers and a main!

              The one thing I can't stand about the place is they are all over you (different servers) for drink/food order and then delivery of food and then you can't get anyone to clear away dishes/get you the bill. Not the worst problem to have but one they can improve on.

              Still I would recommend this restaurant to people.

          2. re: DDD

            Is it just me or is there menu really weird?


            "Please always keep both complete and/or non-complete credit card transaction receipts in
            case of any problems with the bank."

            "If you are grumpy, bossy and only want things your way, you are definitely in the wrong place."

            "We are always looking for the positive side of life and encourage everyone to do the same.
            If you are the kind of person who is always looking for the negative, than this is not the
            place for you."

            "Great food takes time to be prepared, 45min - 1hour."

            And it goes on, and on, and on... I would have considered going to this place when I read the comments, but that strangely condescending menu is quite a turnoff.

            1. re: eatravel

              The nine of us actually stumbled into this restaurant at noon-time last Wednesday because the nearby place we were supposed to go to was closed at noon for the summer (they never told us on the phone). All of us agreed that future get-together lunches in the area will be at La Veranda Osteria. Besides the good food and beer and reasonable prices, the place is very comfortable and we found the mood to be friendly, upbeat and fun. Regarding the on-line menu that you found condescending, I agree it's unique, but would describe it more like the mood at the restaurant, that is friendly, upbeat and fun. Each to their own, but perhaps the 3rd quote you referenced might be applicable here.

              La Veranda Osteria
              946 Royal York Road, Toronto, ON M8X 2E5, CA

        2. Went to La Veranda Osteria today with a group of 9 for lunch and discovered a neighborhood gem...good food and service...reasonable prices!

          La Veranda Osteria
          946 Royal York Road, Toronto, ON M8X 2E5, CA