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MSP Victory 44

Just had a great burger ( the Perfect Burger, as I recall) at Victory 44, the new place that replaced Sauced ( 44th and Penn AVe N. )

Also had a Scottish Egg...very nice. Included an aioli mustard. French Fries were good, with an awesome homemade catsup.

Very friendly waitstaff.

some links I found:


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  1. Was going to go there this week, but they don't have a liquor license yet, and I wanted a beer. I worry that this is really going to hurt them, and hope they get it resolved quickly. Good grief, can't the city expedite this process when the previous tenants had them?

    Glad to know the food is good.

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      Okay, I decided to give it a whirl anyway, since it's in the neighborhood. They use their imperial pint glasses for water, which is rather obviously not their intended purpose.

      I had the scotch egg and the Reuben. The egg was top-notch, accompanied by a nice pickle side salad scenario. Not greasy, and not watery (a common pitfall with this dish). The Reuben was solid. I would compare it (favorably) to Cheeky Monkey. Gruyere cheese and a pickled cabbage topper set it apart from the rest.

      The french fries are the narrow kind, coated with sea salt, and served with a homemade ketchup that really tasted fresh.

      All in all, I think this has the makings of the best bar at this location in awhile. I mean, as soon as they get the bar part squared away.

    2. Revisited today with a friend. Had a glass of wine, so the bar part must have changed, recently.

      Friend had Reuben and was impressed favorably...the best she'd had in a long time. Partner revisited the Perfect Burger and again was pleased. I had biscuits and gravy and sausage....wow. wonderful.

      We also shared an apple salad...greens, apple slivers, candied walnuts and a nice dressing-lemon flavoring and light

      A very enjoyable meal.

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        And they have their liquor license!

        1. re: kevin47

          Do you know how willing they are to prepare vegetarian meals? The pickings seemed pretty slim on their online menu.

          We're in the neighborhood, so we used to frequent Sauced, and likely would frequent Victory 44 too, if they can accomodate TCL's veggie ways.

          1. re: Danny

            I called them when they opened and inquired about this. Their response was that they are very interested in making a dish work for a vegetarian, and that this philosophy extends beyond simply offering vegetarian options. Take that as you will.

      2. I love Scotch Eggs. Thank you, thank you.

        1. went here this afternoon and tried the Perfect Burger. it was pretty damn good, one of the better burgers I have had recently. the fries were good, but the serving size is much smaller than most places. the homemade ketchup was a nice touch.

          I like this place a lot and its about 2 miles from me. now BDP wont have to be the first thing that comes to mind when I want to go out for a burger. can't wait to try the other stuff.

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            The burger is fantastic, as is most of the food there. The one sour note I found is the namesake dish. It's described as pork belly, sausage and pancetta with various greens and a bacon jus. Actually, the dish is sort of a British pho, and the bacon jus is the broth. It's just way too salty, and I say that as someone who really likes salt. It's a shame, cause all the other ingredients were very well prepared.

            1. re: kevin47

              I completely agree about the salty bacon jus in the "Victory 44" dish; it's way too overpowering. In the end I did my best to eat around the broth, which is difficult because it's...broth. Although my husband and I were disappointed in the taste of our entrees (he had the fish boil) and the beer list, we had a decent first experience with Victory 44, which is documented on our blog:


          2. We've been there a few times, as it is the best restaurant walking distance from our house.

            The dinners we've had there have been good, but nothing I would send someone across town to seek out. If you're in the neighborhood, you should be eating dinner there. If you're not in the neighborhood, hopefully your 'hood has a similar place.

            Today, we had brunch there. (Or, more correctly, we ordered off the "daytime menu.") I cannot remember the last time a meal left me more pleasantly surprised. The French Toast was absolutely fantastic - unlike any other French Toast I know of currently on a menu in the Twin Cities. (The closest parallel would be the French Toast back when Signature Cafe did their brunches.)

            The menu describes it as: Victory 44 Style, Whiskey Crème, Bananas, Walnuts. What you get is a little loaf of bread that has been soaked in some sort of magical concoction, baked until the outside is crispy, then lovingly sliced onto a plate. It is then topped with something that sort of resembles bananas foster, with a dab of the Creme on top. It tastes like a light, fluffy bread pudding. Let it soak up a bit of the sauce, add a bit of the perfectly cooked banana to your fork, and you're in heaven.

            As i was eating it all I could think was, "I wish I could channel jfood to describe this." My description does this no justice. But, the next time you're looking for breakfast, try that dish.

            For the sake of completeness, TCL had the Omelette - which for once was nicely portioned. You often see Omelettes that aim for quality over quantity. This one doesn't. It was served with a side of their fried smashed potatoes. At dinner, we thought these were good enough, although they didn't really belong as part of our meal. The entrees had enough served with them that the side of potato really seemed excessive. On a plate with an omelette, is how these should be served. They were a perfect compliment, and I'll admit to stealing more than a bite to go with my french toast. They do a much better job as part of a brunch than as part of a dinner.

            I can't wait to go back, and hit the rest of the Daytime menu. If they expand their hours a bit, I think they'll move to the top of the pack for the weekend brunch crowd.

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              when I went to try the burger I had a hell of a time not ordering the french toast or biscuits and gravy. I love me some breakfast fare, if there is a place around here(Fat Nats was pretty disappointing) finally serving up something good I will be in love.

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                The corn beef hash is very good as well. Not too greasy. A nice balance of crunchy, savory and salty, with quality ingredients all the way around.

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                  Papa's Cafe (not to be confused with the also excellent Papa's Pizza and Pasta) on 42nd just east of Winnetka in Crystal is suprisingly good. Similar menu to Fat Nat's, but waaaay better! (The apple cinnamon french toast is a guilty pleasure when it makes the weekend specials list.)

                  Emily's (kitty corner to Victory 44) is also a pretty decent breakfast joint. Again, simple breakfast menu, nothing nearly as "special" as Victory 44.

                  But, if you're looking for the breakfast staples, and don't want to deal with a drive or a crowd, they're the places to be.

              2. Me and five friends went tonight and it was wonderful. The patio was mostly full, but we were one of only a couple tables inside. But it is Monday, so everywhere is slow.

                The service was good. Each time one of us showed up, she was over getting drink orders. Water glasses were always full. She checked back appropriately. All was good.

                I ordered the pork belly and it was excellent. A good size portion of crispy pork belly served on a salad of peas, carrots, and beans. The pork belly was seasoned nicely. There was a nice light oil based dressing over it. I really loved how it all came together. The pork was really fantastic.

                At the table there were also two burgers, two rubens and a fish and chips. All looked really good. The rubens looked outstanding.

                Beer list is really nice. There are some beer snob type beers and some everyman beers. I don't know enough about wine to judge the wine list.

                1. January 15th
                  We had a wonderful experience eating at Victory 44! Chef James has brought his significant talent to bear on this menu. I think we tried most of the menu offerings and some that weren't on the menu! We started with an order of tuna carpaccio and a bowl of beer cheese soup. The soup had a light beer froth that blended with a cheese soup perfectly. It was not the heavy cream beer cheese soup but a smooth creamy blend of marvelous flavors. The tuna tartar was fresh and beautifully displayed . The chef brought out some added appetizers that were equally wonderful. Chicken wing/drummies that had a crunchy coating and were moist and flavorful with a ribbon of dipping sauce. Beef tartar freshly ground and perfectly seasoned, served with french bread crostinis, Yum!!! A dab of chicken salad served in a chinese soup spoon with a small toasted bread crouquet , a super blend of flavors. Already feeling a bit full but curious about what else the chef had created we moved on to the main courses; beef papardella and fish and chips. The beef was rare, as we like it, and served with tender parpadella noodles that had a combination of flavors in its sauce...to die for! The fish was tender,sweet and flaky coated in a light beer tempora coating, excellent! Not the heavy beer batter coating so many places serve. What a relief to experience Victory 44's version. We were too full to try the desserts but will DEFINITELY return to do so. Chef James told us the menu changes frequently and we are ready to try whatever he comes up with. He is a truely talented chef and the Twin Cities are fortunate he has decided to return!