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Neptune Oyster

What are the "must order" menu items?

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  1. Their online menu shows fish tacos as one of their specials. Has anyone had them? What is everyone's favorite Neptune dish? I'll be in Boston in June and this is going to be our first meal there!

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      The fish tacos are the Sunday special and I have not had them. But the Monday special is lobster spaghettini and it is fabulous. If you are there on Monday, make sure to try it.

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        Thanks BB - I'll keep it in mind. But I love fish tacos so I might have to give those a try.

    2. Their lobster roll is simply fantastic. Not traditional, nor is it cheap, but very very good. A huge roll, filled with a lobster. You choose: Hot with butter or cold with Mayo. I have only gotten hot with butter and it is amazing.

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        Second the hot buttered lobster roll. Stuffed with tail and claw meat and absolutely delicious.

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          Its not really all that expensive..We have supposed 'lobster rolls' served at area restaurants and it is nothing more than a hotdog roll with a bit of lobster meat junked up with mayo for around 20 bucks, so something of this size and quality for 5.00 more is a no brainer.

        2. Neptune is always a negotiation. We either go with a lobster roll served with boardwalk fries and an order of wonderful fried clams, or we go for a more refined tasting of crudo and other fish specials.

          1. They also happen to do a killer burger — topped with fried oysters of course. I think the burger is one of the best in the city.

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              I guess sharing a burger and fried clams would work too!

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                2nd the burger. Really good. I haven't had it in a couple of years but I remember how tasty it was. And the fried oysters really put it over the top.

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                  Hubby and I ate at Neptune Oyster last night. We were very disappointed. I thought it was overpriced. The food was average to say the least and the portions were very tiny. Glad we tried it but we will not be back again.

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                    Wow. You don't hear that much. I guess horses for courses. BTW we had the fish (or in this case lobster) tacos last night and they were fantastic. Three huge tacos for $23. Not overpriced to me

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                      What did you order? It would be helpful to know exactly with what you had a average overpriced small portion experience.

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                        That's exactly what I thought. I think Neptune is spendy. I think the portions can be a little dainty. But I've never thought the food was average. Not once.

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                          No question Neptune is expensive. For me, the value is in its combination of freshness, quality, kitchen creativity, consistency, and great seafood-friendly wines. The fact that I almost always see chefs dining there whenever I stop in says something to me, too.


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                            Me too. I love the place but it's only an occasional indulgence. A few oysters, the crudo of the day (and a couple glasses of wine) and I've blown a considerable wad and still have room for dessert. Or pizza. But never any regrets.

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                          Very surprising - I had a business dinner there about two weeks ago and was blown away by the quality of the raw items - as fresh as fresh gets.

                          Went back last Thursday before the game, and was just as pleased with the cooked items - great steamed littlenecks, fried clams, lobster roll - and certainly no more expensive than one would expect to pay in a metro environment for such things - along the lines of B&G, or Legal Park Square...

                    2. I was there recently with the current menu and in addition to the obvious assortment of local and favorite oysters and a hot lobster roll, I ventured into the entrees and picked out the Georges Bank Scallops since I spied the perfectly seared scallops at the adjacent table. What a wonderful dish, and I would never usually call myself someone who loves scallops. The melding of the truffled Israeli couscous, Niman pork belly and scallops was incredible...fresh and tasty and I felt like it showcased the Neptune's strengths of using the freshest, seasonal ingredients and making the the flavors really bright. I didn't have enough room for the PEI mussels caprese but those sound wonderful. Looking around I also saw a couple of orders of the fish tacos, which seemed popular. God, I love Neptune.

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                        Yum - I can't wait to try the fish tacos! What is the dress like? Casual, business casual, tourist garb acceptable or no? Thanks!

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                          I'm perfectly comfortable going into Neptune in jeans and a t-shirt.

                      2. Neptune Oyster is my favorite seafood restaurant, but it is an occasional indulgence due to its small size and no reservations policy. If I lived or worked near the North End, I would be there more often.

                        Though I love the lobster roll, I have never had a bad dish.

                        1. Not that it's necessary, but last night's visit has me inspired to rave once again about how great Neptune really is! I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.

                          I took a co-worker from a very trendy part of NYC for the first time - and now he is also raving about it. We walked in about 8p. It was full but some fortuitous turnover had us seated at the bar in under 5 minutes.

                          The wine by the glass and the overall list are still impressive and very fairly-priced. Bartender Perry was quick, friendly, charming, and opinionated - what a great combo!

                          The oysters were pristinely fresh and perfectly-shucked as always. The East Coast favorite continues to be the Island Creeks, but the Fanny Bays (in spite of being on the small end of the size scale) just passed up the Kusshis on my list for the West Coast. Still no need for any lemon, cocktail sauce, mignonette or other cover-ups on these beauties!

                          I veered off the usual favorites menu options and had the special black cod blood orange cilantro ceviche and the tuna crudo instead - both were completely awesome.

                          What a value - I need to get back there more often (for the fries, the lobster roll both ways, the tonnato, the burger, and just about anything else they serve!).

                          East Coast Restaurant
                          1456 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02122

                          1. I've never read any posts that commented on their tartar sauce. I'm not a particlular fan - in most places I don't even use it. But Neptunes..... oh my..... I can eat it by the spoonful ....and do. (It comes with the fried clams - which are the best - I'm not sure what else it comes with.).
                            To me it tastes like they use homemade pickles and homemade mayo. Whatever they use it is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally goooooooooooood !!

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                              I usually make it a point to mention the excellent tartar sauce when I talk about Neptune's fried clams, which are my favorite in town.


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                                I grew up on Kelly's tartar and IMO nothing else compares. But for a fancier version Neptunes is great.And when they had fish&chips the sauce served with them (a malt vinegar aioli kinda thing) was also great.