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May 16, 2009 04:50 PM

New Orleans greatest grease holes list them.

Clover Grill on bourbon street because they cook every hamburger under a car hubcap to keep the grease from flying through the atmosphere. Anybody got any others?

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  1. Other places do the same, but the grill isn't in plain view. The kitchen my friend runs does the same, it helps steam the chesse and melt it. I've seen it on many places on the food channel.

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    1. Love Franky and Johnny's at Tchoup and Arabella. Also like Fiorella.

      1. whenever I was low oil, I'd go to St. Charles Tavern for chili cheese omelettes, home fries and a biscuit...though it was usually at 4am.

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          St. Charles is a good call...I work close by so sometimes we go for a blue moon after service...the breakfast plates are crazy cheesy greasy...