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May 16, 2009 04:21 PM

Carne Asada & Sensational Meats

Well, now that I have assembled and fired up my new grill [why doesn't Chowhound have a BBQ forum?], I am looking to find some good meats to grill.

Some time ago there was a thread on Mexican markets in LA to buy great Carne Asada. Although I have found some nice threads in "Search", I cannot find the one in question.

Does anyone have markets that can recommend for great grilling meats, barbecue or not?



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  1. Check out Big Buy Foods in East LA

    Big Buy Foods
    2233 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

    1. How 'bout Korean BBQ?

      Try Han Kook Supermarket or Choice Meat Market.

      1. For great Carne Asada: Gonzalez Markets

        For a broad selection of kabobs, sausages and marinated skirt and flank steak: Jim's Market

        If you don't mind the price, Bristol Farms.

        And honestly, you will save loads of dough and have better quality meats if you start marinating them yourself.

        Gonzalez Market
        3867 Hammel St, Los Angeles, CA

        1. Dona Linda Market on Allen and Villa in Pasadena.

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            Minor correction - it's the LINDA ROSA market,

            recent carne asada thread:

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              Yikes! I make that mistake too often.

          2. Wait do you mean BBQ or Grilling?

            Personally I used to buy my meat at Whole Foods because the yam yams that shop there under appreciate the best cuts like Oxtails & Skirt Steak.

            I used to purchase decent Grass fed, New Zealand skirt for $7 a pound. Its about half inch thick... so you can season it simply & grill it on low heat to medium / medium rare (faint pink throughout) to deliver a more authentic Arrachera style Carne Asada... or butterfly & macerate (in beer or citrus + herbs) for a more Altiplano Central style Carne Asada. And if you aren't on a budget... Mexico's Carne Asada connoisseurs while always serve a thick, juice Cabereria (a particular trim of Rib Eye which StreetgourmetLA can probably provide the English name for).

            And of course if you are going to do a proper Mexican style Asado you need:

            > Wood
            > Cabreria
            > Arrachera (Inner Skirt)
            > Ranchera (Outer Skirt buterflied)
            > Chuleton (Street what is this in English is it a Cowboy?)
            > Various Sausages (Dried & Fresh)
            > Veal Chitlins
            > Wild Green Onions
            > Nopalitos
            > Guacamole
            > Handmade Tortillas
            > Chiltepin & Tomatillo Milpero (Wild Tomatillo) salsa

            See pictures below for mouthwatering evidence of how people in Mexico (in this case Veracruz) do a proper Asado (bonus points if your grill is made out of a repurposed oil drum):

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