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Has anyone been to Eataly in Turin?

I have been going to Milan for work every few months and I am about to go over again. I only have a weekend to play and I can't decide if I want to go to Turin or Bologna. I have been trying to find a one day class of either Saturday or SUnday but have not had any luck. Does any one have any suggestions? Also, if I go to Turin, I was interested in going to Eataly. Has anyone been there? Is there enough to keep you busy there for a day? Thanks for the help!

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  1. Use "search this board" for Eataly. There have been some mentions of it recently. I am planning to go this fall when we will be staying in Alba. Check out the website, it looks interesting.

    1. There is also an Eataly in Bologna, though smaller. I really can recommend the food. But Bologna and Torino both have great food - outside of Eataly too!

      1. Friends took me to Eataly in March and it was great. I could have spent a day in the wine cellar alone. I'm not sure it's worth a whole day though. It's pretty far from the center city, so you'll have to calculate the time it takes to get there.

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          Went to Eataly last July. It's good for an hour or so, plus lunch. We found the lunch just so so but I'm thinking we hit an off day because so many people have loved it.

          You can take a cab from there to the center of town. Torino is the home of the original Grom gelato place, too.

        2. I have been there twice now and, while I really enjoy it, I don't think there's any way you can stay entertained for a whole day there. Unless you want to use the free internet they have between the bookstore and the bakery ;)

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            I agree with tupac. . I thought the place was flabbergastingly interesting, but I would allot about 2 hours or so, maybe one more if you plan to eat.

          2. I've been there a couple of times. The first time, really yummy food, the second still good, but not as good as first. Eataly carries the same brand of pasta that Costco does - Garafalo - maybe my spelling isn't quite right. Also, right across the way is a mall - Lingotto - the old Fiat factory. If you like a mall I think you could spend all day between the mall and Eataly. Etaly reminds me of a cross between Williams-Sonoma and Trader Joe's. LOL. I love Torino, but my Son and family are there, so that's part of it! The people seem like they haven't had it up to here with tourists.

            1. We were there today. My frustration with Eataly is it is very yuppie oriented and in my opinion not really designed with the Chef or serious cook in mind. Lots of pre packaged (canned/bottled) foods and less emphasis on raw and fresh foods. The big draw is the food courts which the locals pack every day (except for the enoteca). We had a nice tasting/lunch there today. We had one plate full of different salumi and another full of local cheeses (plenty of food for 2 people) each plate was 8 euros. We also each had a nice glass of a Chardonnay blend and I had a Nebbiolo d'Alba (good but not mind-blowing) 3.50/glass and my wife had a really fantastic Cantamerli Monferrato Rosso from Pico Maccario (3.00/ glass). The enoteca is located down stairs, next to the huge wine department. We where there in a Monday and it was quiet and cool - quite the opposite of the upstairs dining venues. It is a great place to spend some relaxed, quiet time contemplating and enjoying the local grapes.

              Afterwards we stopped by the Metro Cash and Carry in Turin and for my money this is a better place to spend time than Eataly if you are really looking for the best food selection. Not to mention the prices are considerably lower. Only trouble is Metro is for professionals only.

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                Does that mean you need some kind of I.D. to shop there? Where it is located?

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                  You have to have a registered company and open an account with them (free). I'm not sure if it would work for a US company. Maybe I should book private tours! ;)

                  Metros are all over Europe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/METRO_AG but the ones in Milan and Turin are out-standing. The salumi section at the northern Turin store is from heaven!

                  There are two locations in Turin: http://maps.google.com/maps?rls=com.m...

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                    Metro, as all over Europe, requires you to have a VAT-number (i.e. your own business) so you can shop there. They are not only about food, so the business can be anything, really, but you do need it.

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                      Not true. I have a wine business in Switzerland and do not have a VAT number.

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                        Sorry, I thought being a registered company automatically means having a VAT number all over Europe, based on what I know of Germany and Italy. May not be so in Switzerland. Anyways, what I meant is the same as what you mean: you need to have a business and that is the information erica needs.

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                          Probably because Switzerland is not in the EU.

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                            What does shopping in Metro have to do with Eataly? And this thread is two years old.

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                              Don't know, but we LOVED Eataly in Torino. And lunch at the pasta counter was fabulous.

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                                Yes we also think Eataly is a great place to visit if you are a foodie, although I would not do my regularly shopping there as their prices are somewhat dear. Two hours plus lunch at one of the thematic eating bars is about right.

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                          To clear all doubt - quote from the Metro official website: "Only business owners, self-employed professionals, freelancers and institutions can become METRO customers."

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                            I was in Eataly in May 2011. It would be a nice spot to look around and have lunch, but I don't think it is the most amazing place in the world and frankly don't think it is a MUST SEE when visiting Torino. I frankly preferred the Saturday market at Porto Palazzo, which is perhaps the most impressive market I've been to in Italy. It certainly is the largest. If you have a great gourmet food shop in your city such as Sutton Place Gourmet in Washington, DC or even a larger Dean and Deluca, I'm not sure Eataly is going to wow you. I doubt you'll actually end up buying anything. My $.02.

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                              You failed to mention the unique lunch counters there, 7 different ones all with different food and a different environment. That's the most amazing thing about the place, and that's what makes it a don't miss.

                              Eataly does not pretend to be like a weekly market, that's apples and oranges.