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Eggplant Parmesan

Of Course nothing can beat homemade Eggplant Parmesan but if you had to order it out where would you go? Sometimes it's super mushy and greasy and sometimes too thick and spongy. Looking for the most delicious version, Thanks!

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  1. I can't remember the last time I had it, but you've made me want some. I love the eggplant Involtini at Maurizio's in the North End. It's an appetizer, but I get two apps there and it fills me up. I know it's not exactly the same as eggplant parm, but it may hit the same spot.

    1. Not sure about most delicious, but I often order eggplant parm at Anchovies (with a side of meatballs).


      1. Not Boston Proper, but Bob's in Medford or Marco's in Woburn are standouts for me.

        1. Victor's in Ball Sq, Somerville

          1. Not your average eggplant parm, but I love the crunchy eggplant at Via Matta

            1. Trattoria il Panino is pretty solid. Just be prepared for the "I don't have tap water" trick.

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                Do you have a way around the tap water trick? They told me "because of the small kitchen, we cannot serve tap water." Um, do they cook? What water are they using?

                Anyway, I enjoyed my Bolognese there well enough, and figure their eggplant Parmesan would be OK also, but I think it's over priced (not even taking into account the water shenanigans). I can only think they get away with the prices due to the tourist trade.

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                  My understanding is that Massachusetts restaurants must provide patrons with free water to drink. I think that there is a health/sanitary code section on this.

                  I still remember going to a fancy restaurant in Boston, which is now closed, about ten years ago and being asked by the waiter if we wanted "bottled water or the house flat".

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                    At the time the weather was lousy and we were starving so we just sucked it up. Just something I filed away for future reference. I think your comment about prices applies to damn near every place in the NE.

                2. A poster here recommended Sessa's deli in Davis Square and it is now a favourite place to get in sub form.

                  I also rate La Ronga Bakery's eggplant parm sub (Somerville Ave. in Somerville between Porter and Union squares) because it's good, deli quality eggplant parm AND they have a pizza oven to toast the roll in, which for instance Sessa's and Victor's in Ball Square don't do.

                  1. If you want a good go-to dinner in your freezer, try Capone's (Somerville & Cambridge stores) "Eggplant Dinner" which, while not a real eggplant parmesan, is really delicious. It's sold frozen in a few sizes.

                    For a dinner out, I have no recs because eggplant parmesan is one of those dishes that can go so horribly wrong, even at a reliable place, & so I never order it!

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                      Fiorella's in newton has melanzane al forno for an app. It's crisp eggplant cutlets topped with a plump tomato basil sauce with fresh mozzarella cheese baked in there wood burning brick oven. Very good. For dinner they do a wonderful eggplant parm. With marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese served with linguini.
                      Domenics in Waltham makes my favorite eggplant parm subs. There served on there store baked ciabatini bread.

                    2. My daughter had a very good eggplant parmesan at Stellina tonight. It's a more upscale version but still under $20 - like $18 if I remember.

                      1. Without a doubt - Mother Anna's in the North End.

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                            A STRONG 2nd for Vinny's at Night in Somerville, run, don't walk to try it. It is my favorite rendition of eggplant parm ever. The only problem is that I have no self control when it is in front of me and often scarf the entire portion which is quite large. In addition to the melt in your mouth flavor it is definitely not greasy at all and is the perfect consistency. Make sure you get the homemade mafalde as your pasta side and enjoy!

                            1. Of course my wife's is the best, but I've always enjoyed the E/Parm. @ the Venetian in Jackson Sq., East Weymouth.

                              1. I don't order this out very often, but I have had a great version at Carlo's Cucina Italiana in Allston. It is very traditional, and the pasta that comes on the side is nothing special, but the eggplant is always perfectly fried and covered in just the right amount of sauce.

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                                  Domenic's in Waltham. I don't order it in pannini or sandwich form. I get an order in a tin, then ask for bread on the side. Stupendous.

                                  Also, Artu does very good eggplant, even if your not a fan of their other items.

                                  Toscano on Charles St. in Beacon Hill area does great roasted eggplant parm.

                                  Some in my family are from Italy so I am very fortunate to know and experience the real deal. I've actually come to love enjoying it without pasta ....We have it with salad, and nice Tuscan bread....the gravy, and salad (oil/vinegar) all marry up in a nice yummy pile.

                                2. Francesca's Kitchen on Mass Ave in East Arlington makes a stupendous eggplant parm, the owner's grandmother's recipe (she is the eponymous Francesca). I think the dinner with pasta (get the homemade cavatelli) is $8.95 and it makes two meals for me. I find other menu items to be hit or miss but the eggplant parm is a winner every time. Call ahead to reserve your portion because when he runs out, it's gone, he only makes a certain amount every day because he doesn't like to hold it and will only serve it the day it's made.

                                  1. Rino's. East Boston. Amazing. And the pasta is homemade.

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                                      Having tried the three top Somerville contenders (Vinny's, Victor's, Sessa's), I like Sessa's the best. Vinny's is very good, but the sauce veers to sweet and the eggplant isn't as crispy as I like it. Victor's is good too, but the chicken or veal parm is better. Something about the sauce / filling ratio that doesn't quite work -- too saucy. They will add provolone, though, which I like. Sessa's is indeed previously baked in a pan and the counter person will heat up a slab of it in the microwave before putting onto the bread with sauce. It is also quite salty. But the discrete layers of eggplant, the zingy tomato sauce, and the right filling ratio make it the best around. I guess I better try La Ronga, too. The idea of toasted appeals to me.