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May 16, 2009 02:36 PM

Yummy Vietnamese Cuisine & South Asia Malaysian Cuisine (Midland/McNicoll)

Has anyone tried these two places yet? We keep driving by but not too many cars in the parking lot ... perhaps it's too new.

It's located in the plaza where the Rona store is.

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  1. South Asia Malaysian Cuisine....

    This place recently moved. I think it didn't improve in the process, but suspect it will get better. The main criticism by many others is that it is not true Malaysian / Singapore. Well, I've never lived there so authenticity is completely irrelevant to me. I enjoy the flavours, the service and the price. A single meal is enough for one, but for two of us we prefer to get three and cart some home. Elsewhere I posted a menu.

    In terms of business, the weekend lunch crowd is fairly substantial, but drops off around 3:00pm.

    Here are some previous threads which seem to rehash the same ground (as I just did).

    If you like the gamut of Asian foods it's worth a try for $10 pp all in.

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    1. re: Paulustrious

      Re: South Asia Malaysian Cuisine.

      We found the place after going to the Rona nearby. I agree with Paulustrious; the flavour although not authentic was good. The Kuey deow, satay were both very good and we would go back to this restaurant again. I prefer this place over Restoran Malaysia in Richmond Hill for the food quality and the price. However, this place is not halal which is important for some.
      We lived and worked in Malaysia for about a year recently, and I feel that it is very difficult to duplicate the tastes because of the available ingredients, methods of cooking and doing business.

      South Asia Malaysian Cuisine
      3380 Midland Av, Toronto, ON M1V5B5, CA

      1. re: kcyb

        kcyb, you should try Gourmet Garden, much more authentic.

        I used to go often to S. Asia Malaysian before they moved, but the last few times I went at their new location was disappointing.

        Gourmet Garden Restaurant
        4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

        1. re: Royaljelly

          Interesting - like Paulustrious, I've never been to Malaysia and cannot comment on authenticity, but I like the Kwai Teow at South Asia MUCH better than Gourmet Garden - it has more of that 'wok-hay' that I like in noodle dishes. And obviously the decor and atmosphere is much nicer than the Gourmet Garden's low-brow food-court setting.
          And the South Asia curry brisket & roti is SO good, I've never even tried it elsewhere.

          Gourmet Garden Restaurant
          4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

    2. Their curry beef/chicken with roti is their speciality IMO. Not a lot of places offer the crispy roti. The big bonus is the place is very clean and it has lots of parking.

      1. From March 2009...

        Yummy Vietnamese Noodles
        This is in the new plaza at Midland and McNicoll in Scarborough.

        I'd rate this in the same range as Pho Hoa (more of a chinese-style vietnamese). Decor is really nice but the prices are more expensive than normal. Small pho starts at $5.99; spring rolls (2 rolls about 3" long) were $4.99; specialty stuff like My Tho or Satay noodles start at $6.99; rice dishes also started around $6.99 (they use regular rice not broken rice and it was mushy). Cash only; they have a grand opening discount of 10%. Its rush to try again!

        Pho Hoa Restaurant
        4271 Sheppard Av E, Toronto, ON M1S4G4, CA

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        1. re: baby_tran

          Thanks for the feedback, someone else had posted about not going to this place either, so it's definitely off our list.