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May 16, 2009 02:05 PM

The Beatles and BBQ in Detroit

DH is a huge fan of BBQ so this afternoon I surprised him with a visit to Slow's. If you haven't been - what are you waiting for?? The food is awesome!! And the entire time we were there the White Album by the Beatles was playing,adding to DH's enjoyment.

I am not a huge BBQ fan per se, so I opted for the dinner portion of the mac & cheese which is THE BEST. I cannot put into words the goodness of the crispy browned cheese of the top layer. DH had the 'surf and turf' which gave a little bit of the brisket, catfish and jambalaya. The brisket was his favorite but he devoured it all.

Other highlights are the sweet potato mash, mama's green beans (slightly spicy) and surprisingly good creamy garlic with poppy seeds salad dressing served with a very fresh, nice house salad (comes in sm and lg so we split the lg).

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