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May 16, 2009 01:24 PM

Inexpensive restaurants in Hong Kong?

It is easy to recommend good or great eating places if money is no subject. However it would be a challenge to come up with list of good and inexpensive places. I would like to set a limit that each dish should cost $50 or less.
I shall compile a list if sufficient suggestions appear.

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  1. $50 in what currency? In any case the list will be endless. I would start with those street side stalls in and around Temple Street, Kowloon, at night. Lots of tea cafes can fit that criteria. You can easily get a bowl of soup noodles or congee for under $50. And most of them would do a very good job with those soup noodles or congee.

    1. Assuming HK$ 50 here.

      Lots of great cheap places. E.g. Cantonese wonton noodles will fit your constraint but fill your tummy. The wonton joints on Wellington Street should be able to satisfy you.

      Chiu Chow style fish ball, beef brisket and noodles at "Chiu Hing" are decent as well, they have several locations in Wanchai. They are a bit msg heavy, FYI just in case.

      1. I believe in HK they use HK$ in restaurants except some high class outfits they probably quote in US$. I should be more specific about what I meant. In HK, there are thousands of noodle shops , it could be as low as $10 per bowl of wonton noodle. Cafe shops serve lunch for $30-$40 or less. What I am looking for is dinner dish (i.e. saute fish with vegetables, crispy chicken, etc) cost $50 or less. That's why I thought it would be a challenge. Obviously in this forum very few people have any experience or interest in thie low end eateries. Beside this is HK, who want to admit they had had a $10 wonton noodle. Anyway, I thank-you for your reply.

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          I've mentioned this quite a few times before but here goes again!

          My favourite and IMO the best 'inexpensive wok-hey home style Cantonese stirred fry' is unquestionably 'Cho Choi Koon' at the SE corner of Nathan road/Jordan road. Average price per dish is less than $50. Ultra yummy food that attracts even celebrities! Chow Yun Fat and Jackie Chan to name a few!! The stirred fry mixed pigs innards with scallions and ginger is awesome! The pigs liver in particular is to die for! The sauteed frog legs with yellowing chives is mighty fine too.

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            Chan Kan Kee is a hole in the wall well-known chiu chow restaurant in Sheung wan which provides dinner dishes under $50 ! Soyed goose, fried oyster cake, satay beef with gai lan are all great there. There are quite a lots of good wok hay eateries in the Sham Shui Po and Mongkok area which can fit in your price range !!

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              Great Recs.,! I have to give CKK a try myself next year! I also agree with you about Sham Shui Po. First time I went, I was soooo impressive! The whole street fill with eateries!!! But the problem is!! Which one to try?!!!! Only one stomach!! Ha!

                1. re: medgirl

                  It's in Kowloon as well. Take the MTR line from Tsimshatsui towards Tsuen Wan, Sham Shui Po is just 5 stops away (2nd stop after Mongkok). It's HK's answer to Tokyo's Akihabara district.

          2. You can also try Kowloon City. there are TONS of thai restaurants (authentic!) run by Thai people, and their dishes are cheap and absolutely delicious! They don't have any decor so to speak, but that's the reason it is so cheap.

            There are also a lot of Chiu Chow restaurants in the area, most of them very cheap. Easier to get below $50 if you are with a group of friends as you can order many dishes and share. Otherwise for $50 you are limited to one or 2 dishes.

            1. Thanks for all the response. If possible please provide exact name and address so I could comply a list.