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May 16, 2009 12:40 PM

Pizzuto Ravioli in Eatontown

I went today to Pizzuto Ravioli in Eatontown to get some good Boars Head, a few sandwiches, and hopefully something for the hubby's dinner. This store is new, located in a little strip mall on 35 in Eatontown right before the fort. While the place was very nice and very clean, I will not be returning.

Yes, I admit I was crazy because I ventured into this store with all four of my kids, ages 6, 5, 2, and 4 months. They are very well behaved and know how to act appropriately in a business because we have our own. Nonetheless, I walked into the store and was greeted by no one. I walked over the the counter to place my order and was greeted by... no one! Despite there being at least five men behind the counter. I stood there, with a four of my children and NO other customers, and waited for five minutes for someone to wait on me. This is a pet peeve of mine. Say hello. Say we'll be right with you. Say anything. But don't ignore me. Finally, someone did me the favor of waiting on me. Ah, yes, the far too common attitude of "My food is so good you should be grateful I'm letting you buy it." I first ordered some ham for my son who does not eat sandwiches, just ham. I think if I had let him, he, being five, could have waited on me a little quicker. It took another five minutes just to get some ham. So now my bunch was getting a little restless and I wouldn't dare order any sandwiches. I probably would still be there waiting. So I asked for a piece of eggplant for my dh and went to check out. I also purchased a loaf of Italian bread and some "football" rolls. My children, hearty Italian bread eaters and being part Italian themselves, proclaimed "Wegmans bread is better than this" and on that note, I ushered them out of the store, never to return again. Dh, noticing the absence of a sandwich, ate the eggplant parm for lunch. It was greasy and lacking in flavor. Nice thin slices, though.

The moral of the story is: If you want a sandwich or some prepared foods, my favorite place is still Nino Jrs on West Park Ave in Ocean. At least if I'm ignored there, it's because they're busy! (And my kids know if they wait nicely, they'll get a cookie.)

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  1. Man, I hope this is just a sign of growing pains. The place seems to be on the cusp of being a decent Italian deli. When I went to pick up a menu there were several folks who immediately asked to help me. Granted we have Ferrucci's in Little Silver, but a little competition is a good thing.

    Unlike Ferrucci's, they have a takeout menu...

    1. Maybe it was just a bad day, everyone has them.

      1. Found myself stuck in traffic on Rt 35 and saw the sign. Stopped.

        Picked up a sample of artichoke francaise, it cost me .89 cents. Very good!
        Also next time when I can share with friends they had Chocolate Crumb Cake, the portion was huge, and they did not sell individual servings, it would have gone to waste.
        Clean store.
        Even though the gentlemen behind the counter were helping other customers, they took a minute to acknowledge me, and said hello. When they helped me with the order, they joked around, and were very kind.
        They make everything in the store.

        Would stop again for the artichokes, yummy!

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          Maybe then it was just a bad day - for them and myself?! I'm still in love with Nino's, though, and have never had an unpleasant experience there. I think I'll stick with them.

        2. I didn't have this experience at all when we tried it. The homemade ravioli are awesome and my husband is still drooling over the selection of dried sausages/meats. They have both italian and portugese varietes. Would definitely go back. Their Vodka sauce is also really good-and I am very picky with my Vodka sauce!

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            I enjoyed the "Manhattan" sandwich,(Boar's Head Pastrami, Corned Beef,
            Swiss Cheese, Topped wiih Coie SIaw & Russian Dressing) but you really need to order it hot.

            1. re: Densell

              I've driven by a few times and stopped by today. They were very friendly and joking, and offered me samples. I totally agree that the homemade ravioli are incredible...melt in your mouth. Bought a few other pastas and cheeses. Next time I'll try the sauces.

              1. re: Densell

                Got a sandwich there today. Wanted the Manhattan, but they were out of corned beef. BH pastrami is nothing special, so I got a beef/turkey/ham instead. It was good, but no better than I can get plenty of places. The specialties looked good, but again, they were things I can get elsewhere. Since I have a couple other places closer to home that I frequent that have very good Italian specialties, I have no reason to shop there. But no reason to discourage others from going there.

              2. My experience with this relatively new place was very pleasant. I was greeted by more than one of the guys behind the counter, they were very helpful too. I was looking for the Sunday Gravy, some Italian Specialty sell that but they do not carry that in this place but I got the marinara sauce and it was good. One of the guys, I believe his name is Tony recommended the ravioli, these are the ones with cheese fillings which they store behind the counter. I got two boxes, there were 16 in each box since we were having a dinner party. Our guests really enjoyed the ravioli and they basically melt in your mouth. I have been back to get these tasty ravioli a few times since we first had them. My office is rather close to the place too and I have tried their sandwiches, they are good but not particularly special. Go for the ravioli, I have yet to try the other ravioli in the fridge, they have a huge selection, but somehow, I am quite drawn to the classic cheese fillings. I believe that there is a reason why they place it behind the counter and not with all the other ravioli!