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May 16, 2009 10:42 AM

Bleeding Heart Bakery, Hot Doug's and ?

We're going to make a detour to Hot Doug's and Bleeding Heart Bakery during our upcoming Chicago trip. Is there anywhere else we should put on our list near either of the two?


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  1. Kuma;s Corner and , I believe. Smoque are in the same general area.

    1. Bleeding Heart Bakery is dreadful. But if you're poking around the north side, one of the very best bakeries in the city isn't all that far - Vanille Patisserie, on Clybourn. Fantastic entremets, best French macaroons in the city, excellent croissants.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        Agreed, the wares at B-H bakery are virtually inedible; I am amazed by how much press this place gets. I find the food to be quite good at Hot Dougs, but I wouldn't make a special trip or wait 30+ minutes in line. If you do decide to go to Hot Dougs, make sure you try one of his many signature sausage creations rather than a Chicago Style hot dog. A good Chicago Dog can be had at dozens of places throught the city that are more conveniently located.

        1. re: Vinny Barbaresco

          I second Vinny's point about Doug's Chicago style. You can get the same well-prepared natural casing Chicago dog at the Portillo's chain and any number of other places that don't have lines.