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May 16, 2009 09:44 AM

Polish in New Britain, Ct

I read recently that New Britain has a number of Polish restaurants. Anyone have any recs? I'm from Chicago, living in Maine, and would love some good Polish food. Thanks,

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  1. Hi! Yes, New Britain has both Polish restaurants and Polish markets where you can buy kielbasa and pierogis. I'm not an expert on Polish food and haven't been to the restaurants in New Britain, but we get kielbasa and pierogis from Nozewski's on Broad Street. There are other markets there as well (haven't been to any others).

    Here's an article with some background information on New Britain and its Polish restaurants. I'd be interested for some feedback from folks here as to which restaurants and markets they prefer. Who makes the best pierogis? Kielbasa? What are other specialties we should try?

    When we go out for Polish food, we go to the Baltic in Berlin (just south of New Britain). It's closer to home for us and what we've eaten there is good. Their sorrel soup is especially tasty. They also serve blintzes, potato pancakes, all the usual suspects. Last time we went, a former local resident was visiting from Las Vegas. He grew up near (or in) New Britain and was glad to be back at the Baltic for a taste of home.

    Nozewski Meat Products
    259 Broad St, New Britain, CT

    Baltic Restaurant/Polish Food
    1196 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT 06037

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      Katty, in reply.....

      The best pierogies I've had are made in New Britain and sold only a few times a year at St. Lucian's residence on Burritt St......homemade and unbelieveably good. They also sell babkas, golabki, breads, etc.

      For kielbasa, I am partial to Martin Rosol's (hailing from New Britain, as well). You can purchase their products at smaller markets and at grocery stores in the area as well.

      1. re: jquest619

        Thank you for the info. I'm guessing the special pierogis are to be found maybe around Easter and Christmas? I'll have to look for them. I've only had homemade ones once--there's nothing like 'em!

        Any feedback on the restaurants? I'm just curious--am happy enough going to the Baltic, but would love more info on the other places if you've been.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          I agree--nothing like homemade and these are amazingly good. Typically the pierogies are sold 4 times a year--just before Easter and Christmas, September and June--the next one is June 6th from 8-2pm (raindate on the 13th). I'll be there to pick mine up :)

          As for the restaurants, you can't go wrong with Staropolska. Haven't tried the other two, so I can't compare.

          1. re: jquest619

            Thanks again--one last question re the pierogis. Do they take orders and hold them for you, or is it first come, first served? If I need to call ahead, I will gladly make that call. How fun--this is like waiting for Girl Scout cookies!

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Hahaha, totally understand. It is first come, first served. I'm guessing I might see ya there then!

              1. re: jquest619

                You bet! :) What a find--thank you!

    2. Here is a review of Staropolska (in New Britain) I just found from last year:

      Would be interested to read how Staropolska stacks up to Fatherland, The Baltic and the others...same for the markets.

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        Boy I wish I knew this when David was at Wes. I travel all theway to NJ for my kolbasi, pierogies and kishka!

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          That IS a shame--so close and yet so far, as they say. Next time you come to O'Rourke's or visit Scargod, bring a cooler and stock up!

      2. The Polish National Home in Hartford (on Charter Oak Ave.) has fabulous homemade Polish food. Gourmet wrote it up years ago. I don't remember when it's open - call (860) 247-1784 to get the scoop. The place also has a nice selection of Polish beer, vodka and other drinks.

        If you go for lunch, the thing to get is the Polish plate. You get a salad with some eye-watering onions, followed by a plate heaped with buttery pierogies, mouthwatering saeurkraut and some meaty slices of kielbasa.

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        1. re: shoes

          Just went to the Polish home for lunch. Pierogis were great, and the Polish plate was enough for 3 meals for me! There isn't a lot of variety on the menu. They had only sauerkraut pierogi when we were there and it was only noon.

        2. Staropolska is very good.

          Fatherland is ok too but the wait staff is pretty darn cranky and watch your bill, check it carefully. The last time I went to Fatherland is was just ok, I won't go back.

          Baltic is very good, fun and pleasant wait staff.

          1. Hi all.. I haven't had a pierogi the way my babcia made them but keep trying! I am in retail and this evening was chatting with a woman who was born in Poland and recently here in ct. She told me to find Alexandra pierogi from Chicago and said they are the best! I buy Kasias which are ok and available at a few select markets. Does anyone know where in ct I can find Alexandra's in ct. My searches are coming up empty! Thanks

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              Hmm, how hard did you look? LOL. Try this:

              There's a number on their page to call "to find the location nearest you."

              1. re: Poetzyz3


                Discusses Pierogi in CT extensively. Never heard or seen Alexandra in CT.

                With so many sources of Pierogi made in CT and brought in the short distance from NY, there is little reason that any retailer would bear the expense to ship in still another brand from Illinois.

                Major Polish communities or food availability in Enfield (Pierogi Queen), New Britain (many choices) Ansonia, Derby, Stratford (Lasowiak multi locations, Podlasie-Bridgeport) Cromwell ( my favorite)
                Fresh Pierogi can be found in the refrigerator case in general supermarkets such as Adams in Derby, Shelton, Milford, etc.

       lists 42 Polish stores in tiny Connecticut to meat food needs. Try calling a few, but I doubt you will be sucessful.


                If you are looking for Pierogi like your grandmother made them, then follow the advertisements from local Polish churches in center of the state corridor. They tend to make and sell church kitchen made pierogi before Christmas and Easter. They sell out quickly.

                As I've stated Fils Polish Deli in Cromwell is my favorite. They make many flavors beyond the basics, especially seasonal varieties. Last week I was there and they had PLUM pierogie, out if this world. I hadn't had Plum pierogi in over 50 years when my great grandmother's youngest sister went into a nursing home never having shared her recipes.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  You're right about too many options closer to home. I've never seen or heard of Alexandra, either. But absolutely this:
                  If you are looking for Pierogi like your grandmother made them, then follow the advertisements from local Polish churches in center of the state corridor. They tend to make and sell church kitchen made pierogi before Christmas and Easter. They sell out quickly.]

                  They don't call it "New Britski" for nothing. :)

                  But also, and I will continue to say this--maybe this will prompt me to go this weekend and get some, with or without my bagelfriend:
                  Zieleniak, Broad Street, New Britain: