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Babka in and around D.C.?

Does anyone know of a bakery that carries babka in D.C.? The only place I can think of is Dean and Deluca. Through a bit of research, I came across an online bakery called Shoeboxoven.com that used to carry it, but I can't find anything current about Shoeboxoven.

Any help about babka sources and/or Shoeboxoven.com is most appreciated!

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  1. Marvelous Market has Green's babka, at least the Dupont Circle branch.

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      I think that's the brand Wegmans carries. Is it from Brooklyn? Whatever the one Wegmans has, it's a great babka. The chocolate is simply luscious. Never tried the cinnamon, for the reason cited in dacfood's post. 8<D

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        Whole Foods carries Green's babka as well, cinnamon and chocolate. $7 each, last time I threw dietary caution to the wind and bought some (and finished within a week ::hangs head in shame:: ). The cinnamon is good, like a less-sweet cinnamon bun that has that slightly-boozey cinnamon kick to it. The chocolate is sweeter, but not overly so, and has this wonderful flakiness to it that I can't get enough of. :o)

        Great, now I'm going to have to stop by Whole Foods this week...

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          I've seen at Marvelous Market in Dupont and other location.

          I also feel like I've seen it at So's Your Mom in Adams Morgan.

        2. I got some cookies from Shoebox oven at Art on the Avenue last October. I remember reading the baker had to use the kitchen/ovens of another establishment but the contact info was Alexandria. They may no longer be in business?

          I have found excellent babka at Whole Foods and Balducci's, cinnamon and chocolate. I think I have even seen it at Trader Joe's. Firehook bakery may also be a candidate.

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            Everyone knows that cinnamon is lesser babka. :)

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              Umm, IMHO the True Babka is the cinnamon Babka. The chocolate one is but a modern affectation and a diversion from excellence :). Alas, after Deluxe - that wonderful bakery in White Oak closed - I have searched unsuccessfully for Babka in the DC area for several years. I even tried Baltimore/Reiserstown w/o success. As an ex-New Yorker I truely miss my Cinnamon Babka.

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                Babka fan but not a Seinfeld fan, are ye? 8>D

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                  I liked rcooperman's, perhaps unintended, homage. Of course the reference is from 15 years ago which just makes me feel old. ;)

            2. I was shocked to come across some freshly baked babka at a Giant Food in Wheaton. I have no idea how good (or, bad) it was, though.

              1. Goldman's Kolsher Bakery in Pikesville has excellent babka, both the cinnamon/raisin and the chocolate, $6 each. They also have terrific challah, rugelach, strip coffee cakes, black & white cookies, hamentaschen etc. If you sign up for their emails you get 50% off various goods - this week its hamentaschen, danishes and french pastries plus buy two loaves of bread (rye, white, challah, whatever) and you get them for 1/2 price as well.

                Goldmans Kosher Bakery
                6848 Reistertown Rd.
                Baltimore, MD 21215

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                  Closer to DC, you could try Shalom on University (near Georgia Avenue in Wheaton) (http://www.theshalomgroup.com/shalom/...) or the Pastry Oven in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center in Silver Spring (http://montgomerycountymd.com/index.p...)

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                    I have seen it at Balduccis (Bethesda)

                2. Brookville Market in Cleveland Park usually has it on Fridays.

                  1. Last week, I had the most delicious Chocolate Babka ever!!!
                    We still haven't stopped talking about it!
                    Don't get me wrong...It was a wonderful bris and a beautiful baby...but OH THE BABKA!
                    It was from...

                    Parisers Bakery
                    (410) 764-1700
                    6711 Reisterstown Rd
                    Baltimore, MD 21215

                    Morris Columbia

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                      I have not tried Pariser's babka but I have had their rugelach, which are outstanding. Most commercial rugelach is mediocre at best. So I have no doubt their babka is great too.

                    2. http://kielbasafactory.com
                      In Rockville imports it from from the polish bakeries in NYC & Chicago.
                      Can't beat that !
                      Call to find out when the deliveries are to guarantee freshness and availability.

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                        Is the Kielbasa Factory in the same sideways strip of stores as Joe's Noodles?

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                          The website has a map.
                          It's just north of the Woodmont(?) Country Club, across from where Eastern Motors used to be.
                          On the west side of the street (joes is east).
                          The shop is on the second level, so drive around back as access to the store is easier.
                          I think the strip is called the Talbott Center.

                      2. I have seen it at Royal Bagel Bakery in Germantown. I am not sure if they carry it daily so you might want to call ahead.

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                          The kosher market next to Max's in Wheaton (on University Blvd just east of Georgia Ave.) bakes chocolate and cinnamon babka, that is good (not great), in a solid way. Personally, I'm not a fan of Greens -- I don't think you have to read the label to taste that the fat is hydrogenated oil, instead of butter.

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                            Of course it wasn't butter because all baked goods at Shalom (the market next to and owned by Max) are parve, i.e., have no dairy product. The same would be true of most, but not all, Kosher bakeries. Only those baked goods clearly marked dairy would contain a milk product.

                        2. Has anyone been to the Broadway Diner on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore? Is the bread loaf they serve with dinner babka?

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                            Looking at their menu online, I'd guess no. They don't have babka on the menu. And babka is dessert, not a bread to be eaten with a main course. Plus it is a Greek diner, not a Jewish deli. Babka is from Eastern Europe. It can be baked in a loaf form, but it is sweet and it is swirled with chocolate (the real deal) or cinnamon (second best).

                            The OP question was about 3 years ago, but if anyone lives in the Bethesda area, New York Bakery (Arlington Road, in the shopping center where Strosniders is) has good babka.