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May 16, 2009 08:55 AM

favourite ice cream or gelato flavours and where to get them 2009

I thought Strawberry might be a safe bet at Summer's but it was way too sweet, with ice crystals.

What flavours have stood out for you? I'm mostly interested in independent shops, not national/international brands.

My favourites lately are:
Il Gelatiere: Cioccolato, Cioccolato peperoncino, tartufo, menta, fondente, maria, lemon - haven't really liked their non-lemon fruit flavours that much

Soma: Dark Chocolate, lemon, raspberry

Xococava: mango- haven't tried anything else

La Paloma: lemon

Hollywood: Their Valrhona chocolate is ok. Which flavours do you like?

Have no clue what to order at these places:

Greg's - lots of press about the Roasted Marshmallow- but what else does he do well?
Dutch Dreams
Summer's- haven't enjoyed anything I've tried here- what do they do best?
La Bamboche
Dolce on College
Sicilian Ice Cream Factory- have found their products too sweet- but is there a specific flavour they do well?
Sweet Escape Patisserie in the Distilery

And if I head up north, what flavours should I try at Kawartha Dairy?

Where else do you like to go for a scoop or 2?

Here's a recent thread on the best chocolate gelatos:

And a general thread on Gelato in Toronto:

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  1. Love the creme caramel flavour at Hollywood -- essentially vanilla ice cream with that wonderful burnt sugar flavour you get in a real creme caramel. I also have a weakness for the peanut butter cup flavour, mostly because it tastes like eating frozen peanut butter cookie dough to me.

    At Il Gelatiere, my two favourites are the maria and the grapefruit. But not together.

    1. I lovelovelove the peanut butter ice cream from Hollywood Gelato. It has oreo chunks in it! Mmmmm...
      I also really like the chocolate-peanut butter from Baskin Robbins. I've had the chocolate-PB from Dutch Dreams but it wasn't nearly as good (plus it cost way more!).

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      1. re: goldendelicious

        I love the chocolate peanut butter from Baskin Robins as well...My quest in Gelato is always for a 'real tasting' Banana! Anyone know where to get the 'authentic, fresh & real taste of Banana Gelato?

      2. the other day i got ontario blueberry and basil sorbet from soma and it was amazing!!

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        1. re: halugii

          My favourite from Soma is the lemon-sour cream gelato, or is it ice cream? Don't remember, but it is tart, sour, creamy, and lemony. Very refreshing.

          1. re: Full tummy

            yeah it is gelato-
            I love Soma as well, the other week i had Strawberry and Fresh Mint and it was killer, kinda tasted like a strawberry mohito,
            & the wife loves their Dark Chocolate

        2. Thrilled that Ed's has opened up at Queen & Logan, 5 minutes from my workplace. He makes a killer Green Apple ice cream and my favorite Pistachio, better than Hollywood and Il Gelatiere.

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          1. re: lightbulb

            Also at Ed's - the Espresso Ice Cream made from Mercury Espresso is absolutely divine!!

            1. re: Otonabee

              Yes, yes, yes. And the Amarena cherry gelato. A good cherry cold treat is hard to find!!!

            2. re: lightbulb

              Ed's Real Scoop is open this time of the year(both locations)? I'm coming in from Montreal. Many ice cream shops in Montreal are closed in the winter.

              1. re: BLM

                They are definitely open year-round. They have yummy hot chocolate in the winter (and seasonal ice cream flavours). They also make their own waffle cones which fill the sop with the most amazing smell.

                1. re: BLM

                  BLM - please do let us know how your visit to Toronto goes, at least the chowish parts!

                  1. re: JamieK

                    Went to Ed's Real Scoop in Leslieville earlier this week. Tried 3 flavours. Pumpkin ice cream, Green Apple gelato & Butter Pecan ice cream. Liked very much the Green Apple & Pumpkin. Thought the Butter Pecan ice cream was a little dull.

              2. Funny I never liked Dolce on College

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                1. re: Muffin__Top

                  I never liked them either, they have shite customer service imo