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May 16, 2009 08:40 AM

Rapini pesto recipe?

I just came back from the local market and got a huge stack of freshly picked, local rapini. I'm really excited to do something with it that I've never done before! And first thing that came to memory was a dish I had in Miami at Sardinia. It was "Orecchiette with wild board sausage and rapini pesto". It was delicious and I am going to attempt to replicate it! I remember the pesto was very rustic (ie. pine nuts were left whole, rapini was not fully blended).

Has anyone made a rapini pesto before? I'm wondering if I should make it like basil pesto, or perhaps cook the rapini first? Any thoughts?

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  1. i suggest cooking the rabe. the stems are pretty tough. you can steam it briefly to get started. i agree -- it's great with sausage.