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May 16, 2009 08:07 AM

Do you use margarine?

I just read the thread on salted vs. unsalted butter and I was surprised to see few mentions of margarine. I use unsalted butter for baking but for regular uses in small amounts, I stick with Olivio. I realize that Olivio isn't margarine exactly, more like an EVOO spread. So now I'm curious what other people use, any thoughts?

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  1. Butter and olive oil are the fats I use...

    1. Nope. No margarine here. Has to be butter. If I go somewhere where margarine is the only option (like my parents' house), I skip it. Yuck.

      1. No. Real butter and olive oil only.

        1. I use butter, oil, lard (home rendered), poultry fat (ditto), shortening, and LOL Buttery spread or Olivio. Occasionally suet and coconut oil, for very specific things, and margarine falls into that category. Each has its use that its best for.

          1. In a word, no. In college, before such products were available, I used to make a mixture of butter and olive oil with a little lecithin to keep it combined. Now, it's butter or various expeller pressed oils in this house, and occasionally animal fat for specific foods.

            My dad eats Spectrum spread because of his heart, so I have tasted and couldn't say I enjoyed it. The texture is apalling.