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May 16, 2009 08:03 AM

blender blade sharpening?

I have a run-of-the-mill kitchen aid blender about 3 yrs old and the blades are DULL. I can never seem to make a non-lumpy smoothie (frozen fruit). Can I get the blades sharpened? Where? If not, can I buy replacement blades?

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  1. We got a KA blender like this one many years ago the problem was not the blades but the shape of the container. Never got anything but lumpy results.

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      I have two of them. In one of them (the earlier one) the two blade pairs are identical, but in the later model all four blades run in 'different paths'. This gives better results. The later model looks like the one above. The earlier model has two holes in the top rather than one. It was bad design as you could drop one of the stoppers in and subsequently grind it.

      I don't think of these blades as needing to be sharp as they are 'smashers' rather then cutters. If they do need to be sharpened then just rub a sharpening stone on the edges.

    2. You can buy replacement blades, etc. There might be a place in your home town that does service and spares. Here's a web source I Googled:

      1. Blender blades are generally supposed to be dull, not like a food processor blade, so that the liquid circulates properly. Not sure how to explain your lumpy smoothies, but try blending longer and faster. Sometimes, before everything gets moving, you might have to pulse a bit to break up the fruit and ice, if you use ice cubes, before it will blend thoroughly.

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          Again some KA models are known for poor results no matter the technique. We dumped ours after endless attempts. Even a cheap Waring did a better job than the $100 door stop.

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            Could be. I also have a Waring two speed commercial bar blender.